Thursday 12th

Ok, so didn’t do much yesterday – but baby steps. The course says read and read a lot and lots of different things. So when I was in Sainsburys yesterday I saw The Times sitting there, with a free book – Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Not the normal kind of book I would read so thought it would be good to get. And then also read The Times on the way home. My concentration really wasn’t working and I found the stories I was reading hard to follow. But it’s a good paper to read. Good for me. And I’ve started reading a good paper during my breaks. Read a bit of the Independent and the Guardian today. I quite like the Independent as it was the newspaper we got at the hotel I used to work at, so I am quite used to reading it.

I’m also making myself touch type. Get me.

Am going to go home tonight, hopefully go the the gym, then read some more of this course. It’s really exciting. I wonder how long the excitement will last. Hopefully past the end of the course so I’ll become a writer. Would be so good to make some money doing this – not the aim of it, but would be nice anyway. Actually I guess it is the aim of it – I want to write a book so that I can sell it. Selling things on the way isn’t my aim. But nice if I can. If not, money back so result all round!


One thought on “Thursday 12th

  1. Yay!

    Its not the first post that is the difficult one, its the second post. Making yourself put another one on after the first takes that little bit extra effort. So congrats.

    Will give you a hand setting it up one day, so the text shows on the screen properly n stuff.

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