What to write? Today I’m writing because I feel I should be, not because I want to. It’s nearly a week since I signed up to my writing course, and have done no writing towards it. I hope the reason I don’t feel like it is because I’m ill (I like to think of it as man flu) and because I’m tired (waking up when your boyfriend gets up at 4am does that), and not that the novelty of writing has worn off already. I’ve not really written anything, so it had better be the former.

I’m quite enjoying Lady Chatterley’s Lover. I’m very surprised by this as I don’t usually like ‘period’ pieces. It’s not getting me that excited; I’m not desperate to read it all the time, which does sometimes happen, but at least this way I’m able to do things other than read.

Lets hope I feel better soon so can do some writing to write about.


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