2 days blogs in 1… A bogof blog!!

So for certain reasons I’ve been writing straight onto my computer – or emailing myself my writing. I’d not had a chance to put the last couple of day’s writing on here, so here we go…

2nd Thursday of writing‏ (Thursday)

This is the 3rd day in a row I have now written. I don’t think 3 days is
enough to constitute a pattern, but it’s a very good start. It is very
coincidental that these 3 days have been the 3 days Steve’s away. I really
need to get in the habit of writing when he’s around.

So I thought today I would write down some ideas for books (probably should
call them novels really…). I actually wanted today’s writing to be my
observations from today’s tube journey as I should’ve done for my course,
but yet again, I forgot on the tube to work, to do anything. (shortened versions of each idea)

1. Girl just returned from a year after uni in America. I’ve actually written 6000
words of this novel. It’s like a diary written by the main character.

2. Four friends finish school or uni (I can’t remember, but now I guess it
would have to be uni – I don’t think I’d be able to write an 18 year olds
minds), and go on holiday to somewhere for a couple of weeks.

3. Women got dumped a few weeks ago – may have been a few months ago.
She’s not been out since as she’s been heart broken. Her sister (or friend)
talks her into going out with her to a new year’s party. This is a Mills and Boon

4. Girl’s ex boyfriend from college or uni or something is now her best
friend. His brother is getting married in Majorca in a few months and in a
moment of *something* he tells his parents they are back together and he’s
going to take her

My favourite at the moment is number 4 – you may have guessed that from the length of it compared to the other ideas.

I really want to write a chick lit novel. I think that’s what I was born to
do (and procreate, but I’m a long way off from that at the moment). The
Mills and Boon idea was concocted by myself and my cousin, with the thought
that the payment for it will pay for our holiday to Hawaii when she’s 21.
The idea is my 1st book will pay for it. Mills and Boon was cause it’s
shorter than a ‘real’ novel so ‘easier’. (I really don’t believe that’s true. Any novel’s going to be hard to write, no matter how long)

Right I now need to get into observation mode. I must observe then do a
couple of things when I get home. One is write a 150 word description of
someone. Can’t remember the second (I’ve got it written down so don’t
really need to worry about it). Must do it. Yes.

I’m not very good at titles‏ (Friday)

I was thinking that last night when I was thinking about my novels. I
couldn’t come up with any good ideas for their titles. And now I can’t for
this email, and never can for my bogs (it seems really funny writing that
– never saw myself as a ‘bloger’. I hope there’s something in the course
that will teach me how to think up exciting titles. Not even exciting, just

I’ve just thought of an idea for a book. Well had two thoughts actually.
I think one might be my new idea for a book – yay me. Although I really
shouldn’t be having more ideas, I should stick with one I’ve already got. I
really like the holiday wedding one. I am pretty good at synopsises – the
start anyway. Not too good at filling in blanks or knowing where the story
goes (except the wedding holiday one – I know they get together in that
one). Actually they’re all chick lit – they always end up with the bloke in
the end. Usually the best friend. Or the one they hated since they met.
Or something.

Ok. Nearly pub time. I do like this extra time I have daily to write. I usually (well 3 days this week) do a kenken (from The Times) in this time too, but today’s was too hard and I messed it up. I’ve copied
it down though and will do on the train home, or something.


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