Archive | March 10, 2009

Must try harder

Yes, I must try harder with my blog.  I’ve just read through a few blogs and spotted so many mistakes.  This is the reason I should read through the blog before I post it.  Try harder girl.

While trying to kill some time yesterday I wrote a bit of a children’s story.  A long time ago (before I signed up to the writing course – I think it was when I started to read a ‘How to write a novel’ book) I had the idea that I would write down all my day dreams.  Day dreams must be ideas trying to get out.  Or they might be anyway.  I’ve not done this before, so figure it’s time.

The ‘daydream’ came to me last week.  It’s about a little girl who gets a fairy for a friend.  The initial idea was an adult who gets an imaginary friend who makes wishes come true so must be real or magic or something.  I didn’t think it through because that kind of thing isn’t my kind of thing (with the exception of a book I once read ‘If you could see me now’ by Cecelia Ahene which was about a woman who discovers her new friend is actually an imaginary friend. I only read it because I love her books not because of the story itself.  I was glad I did – it was really good).  But then I thought about it a little more and realised it would make a great children’s story.  Maybe it’s a new calling?  Maybe it’s a sign I should get more sleep (having strange thoughts that is).

The reason I’ve not been writing ideas/daydreams (and real dreams too) down is because I often forget them straight away.  For instance I know I had a dream last night that was quite interesting.  But as soon as I woke up I forgot it.  Apprarently you can train yourself to remember dreams by always trying to write them down when you wake up.  Eventually you start to be able to rememeber more.   Must try this.