Archive | March 11, 2009

New feathers to my belt?

I’ve just tried to write a review of the film I went to see at the weekend (Watchmen).  I don’t think it’s very good.  In fact I think it is so bad I stopped half way through.  I guess the problem here is that I don’t read many film reviews to know what is put in them.  I don’t want to copy other people’s writing, but I need to know how much description of the film they give, how long they are etc.  The writing course says to be able to write any form of media you have to have studied it first (to be able to sell it, so you know what publishers/editors are looking for).  So I think I will spend some time reading them, see if that will help me.

I’m also thinking of reading up on restaurant reviews to try them.  If that is, I get taken out to dinner (I’m holding on to hopes the offer I was given yesterday will stay valid later in the week or at the weekend).  I’d love to write restaurant reviews.  With my experience in hospitality (I worked in hotels for five years and restaurants/hotels/pubs throughout school and uni) I have become very observant of things that are wrong and right.  I’m terrible, every time I walk into a hotel the first thing I do is a room check.  My opinion of the whole stay will be hugely based on that.  I figure that’s justified a clean neat room is what you pay for when you go to a hotel.

I wonder what else I could write?  I keep having lots of ideas.  The best possible writing I could do (other than my novel that is) would be doing articles for a health and fitness magazine (Zest maybe?).  Imagine having to get fit – and get paid for it.  Plus I’ve been reading them for so long I would be able to write like 5,000 straight off (by the way – I sometimes exaggerate!).  It is quite rare now that I read an article that is totally new ideas – unless some new research has been done.  Which it often is actually.Am stuck for any other ideas.  I’m sure they’ll come to me as I go through the writing course.  It’s so exciting.  I’m constantly excited.  It’s crazy.