Archive | March 17, 2009

Random thoughts

This blog is supposed to be about my writing, so when I don’t do any writing should that mean I shouldn’t do a blog? Or is my daily (ish) blog helping my writing? It may well be because surely any writing is better than no writing? Even if it is the rubbish that comes out of my head?

So why am I not writing? I’ve spent the whole of the day doing pretty much nothing so really could’ve done some. I guess I’m not doing any because I am waiting to start assignment 2 of my course and don’t really want to start anything before I start that. Not that it matters – I never finish anything anyway. Oh, except a short story for a competition once. That is an excellent idea. I can try and write short stories for competitions. I did briefly look for some a few weeks ago, but didn’t follow through with it. I think that’s what I’ll do now.

I have however done something productive with the last couple of days. I’ve started writing down my dreams. Still not writing day dreams down, but one thing at a time!!