Archive | March 19, 2009

Short story attempt one

I’ve been looking through that website that gives creative ideas for writing and been doing some writing from it.  My first attempt is the story below. 
I had to create a short story (300 words max) using the following words: PAPER CLIPS. PRINCIPAL, LUNCHBOX, SWING, GIRL WITH A PINK RIBBON.


Here it is:


I can’t believe I’m here on the second day of term.  It doesn’t matter how often I get called to the school I am always nervous.  What can he have done this time?  Drawn on the walls?  Kicked sand at another child?  He never means anything malicious, it’s just the way his older brothers are.  They never mean anything either, they’re just bigger and rougher, unfortunately Sonny copies them.

My attention is drawn to laughter outside.  There is a little girl with a pink ribbon in her hair being pushed on a swing.  I love my boys, but do wish one of them had have been a girl.  We wouldn’t dare try for another, four boys is enough, but I still long for a daughter.

I look down and see I have been anxiously fiddling with two paper clips.  I fold them back together before the secretary can see what I’m doing and put them back on the table. 

As I do that, my attention is drawn to a pink lunchbox on the floor.  I smile to myself (I wouldn’t dare smile externally, the secretary would probably put me in detention for such an act), thinking how different we would react if it was left unattended anywhere else.  Police would be called, the building would be evacuated, the bomb squad would be called.  I wonder if you could fit a bomb in a lunch box?

‘Mrs Jones’ the secretary snaps at me.  God I hate that woman.  ‘The principal will see you now’.  Oh no.  I have to go in now.  I stand up and with shaking legs walk up to the door and knock.  ‘Enter’ is the reply I get back.  I look down to the handle, open it, noticing my hand is shaking and walk in.


So… What do you think? (Honestly, what do you think?  I’d love to hear from you)  I find the concept of short stories weird.  How can you get a whole story into 300 words?  It’s just not possible, you’re always left wondering what else, what’s the point?  But, it’s a challenge and I love a challenge!




In other news, I’ve been writing down my dreams (although not last night’s – must do that now).  Also been reading the next modules of my course.  I’m still really excited about doing it, I just wish I could find more time to fit it in.  I’m sure that’s just an excuse and if I really wanted to I could find lots and lots more time, but I enjoy the other things I do and don’t want to give them up.  God I’m a pain!!!


Anything else?  Don’t think so.  The man is away for the next week, so think I will get lots done in this time (not blaming him, blaming myself for being distracted so easily!).

(on another note, if anyone knows anything about fonts, please could you let me know how to change them?  Everytime I save half of it changes to a different font – Grrrrrrrr).