Archive | March 25, 2009

Oops, forgot a title…

My effort levels for writing on here have been extremely lacking in the last week.  Tut tut me.  I have no defence other than a very heavy weekend and a slight laziness on my part.  I will try harder.

I’ve been pretty good with the course though.  I’ve been reading the next few modules, I’m nearly ready to start assignment two I think.  I’ll also be posting assignment one today (I know, I should’ve posted it weeks ago, but it’s very hard to post something when you don’t have a printer.  Luckily a really kind man said he’d bring me a printer home when he comes…).

I’ve been writing down my dreams.  They say (in a  dream book I’ve got) that the more you write down your dreams and think about them – the more you remember them.  Wow, that is so true.  I really do have the strangest dreams ever, I can’t even begin to explain last nights, there were about 4 stories that happened.  I think I was a man throughout at least two parts, then was back at school for the last part (even thought it wasn’t school) eating cookies I knew I was going to miss when I left – but the cookies were the ones from America I used to eat where I worked.  Strange.  The other day I was being chatted up by Ronaldo.  Very very nice dream that one!! 

As I have lots of ‘free’ time today I think I’ll do some useful writing – a short story.  Or a bit of the holiday book.  Something anyway.  Maybe I’ll spend some time reading reviews of clubs, restaurants, films or something in the thought I might do that one day.

On a separate but very positive note, I found some online touch typing lessons, so have been doing these.  I’m now typing very slowly, but without looking at the keyboard!  I’m trying to type as much as possible so I get better at it!