Archive | April 1, 2009

Happy or sad?

I was reading the paper today (online, so can that really be called reading the paper?) and found an article about whether books/plays/films should have a happy or sad ending.  I want to write chick lit where 99% of the time the main character meets her ideal man and everything is perfect in the end.  But this sometimes annoys me; really life isn’t always rosy so why should the literary world be.  This article however points out that we need this happiness as an escape from real life when things aren’t going well (recession!).  Very good point.  I read books to escape from real life, if they then ended up sad, would I be happy when it finished?

Prime example Friends (the TV show).  I hated the ending.  Everyone all happy having got what they’d wanted for the last 10 years.  I thought it sucked.  If, however, it wasn’t all peachy, would that have made me happy?  (I think I’m still mad Rachel and Joey didn’t end up together).

So the main point of this – do I give my book (the 1st one) a happy or sad ending (or unspecified?).  It would be good to do something different – but is that what I really want?  I’ve already in my head planned to give it a happy ending, but should I try something different if that’s what I really want (and a few years ago I did decide I wanted to be different and give it an ended where ‘she’ wasn’t 100% happy).  This is the article (I don’t know how to add links – something else for my list of things to do!) 

That’s all today.  Good news quickly.  I am 100% sure assignment one is being posted tonight.  At last.  Good work me.