Today’s general thoughts

I had a dream last night that I think has the possibility to become a scene for a novel.  I knew it would happen eventually.  It’s good to know I can sometimes have semi normal dreams (unlike all the others I’ve written down – I really do wonder what the hell my brain is saying with my dreams.  They generally don’t make sense).

I’m not doing too well writing down my day dreams.  My plan was to write them down, as a huge proportion of my day is taken up with them.  When I’m in the shower, on the tube, cooking, going to sleep; if I’m alone I’m either thinking about something that has happened, or something that will happen/could happen.  I think the problem with writing them down is that there’s so many, they come and go so fast that I generally don’t remember them. 

Maybe I should make a plan for April (yes, late I know).  The plan should include making a big effort to write down day dreams (and real dreams).  Included in the plan too could be to read X number of modules for my writing course, read X number of books and do X amount of the writing course.  I could also add in X amount of writing.  I could do that in terms of words e.g. I must write 6,000 words by the end of April.  6,000 isn’t that many.  I’ve got 7,000 written of a novel – and I wrote that in a week.  I didn’t however have to fit it around work and play (I had sprained a ligament in my foot and couldn’t walk for two weeks).  I wonder if 6,000 words is do-able with everything else I’ve got going on?  Would I include words written on here? 

Writing a plan is quite scary.  Putting it up for public viewing is even more scary.  Me thinking it’s scary is just me being negative and thinking I won’t complete it so be disappointed.  I seem to be saying rather negative things at the moment.  That’s not how I’m feeling though.

Today the sun is shining and it’s very warm.  It feels like summer is finally coming.  Yay for summer! Fingers crossed it is!


4 thoughts on “Today’s general thoughts

  1. It’s funny, sometimes I would wake up after having an interesting dream and I would think: “Hmm… This could be an idea for a story.” And quickly write it down only to get up in the morning and find some nonsensical jumble of words or something just plain stupid to be a story 🙂

    But occasionally there has been something I could use, especially from dreams (or nightmares) that caused strong emotions because they are attached to some memory or something real in my life. However, as writers, we shouldn’t rely on what we see while we sleep.

  2. I’m quite surprised how many blogs I have read with people saying they do write down their dreams; it’s not just me being weird.

    You’re right; I’m discovering ideas are coming to me more and more as I start concentrating on writing more. I plan to get an ‘ideas folder’ where I’ll write down any idea I have for future use. It could be massive! 🙂

  3. They say keeping a diary is good too. Anyway, the more you write the better you get, so it can’t hurt you.

    I keep a notepad for my ideas; I bring it everywhere with me and write them down, sometimes sentences, sometimes just nouns, like Ray Bradbury used to do, one at a time (a word that meant something to him) and throughout his career those nouns would pop up and turn into great stories.

  4. Funny you should say that, my very 1st idea for a book came about having written a diary the year before (it was her diary). I didn’t get that far with it.

    I keep reading that the more you write the better you get, so I am making a huge effort to write lots and lots (luckily I have a quiet job at the moment where I can write).

    I’m going to buy a note book to write things in. Ideas, plots, sections of stories etc. (I’ve planted the idea of an Elephant Poo Poo notebook in my boyfriend’s head, so fingers crossed!). I’m finding now I’m thinking about it, I’m getting loads of ideas.

    Thanks for your comments and advice!

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