Archive | April 19, 2009

Assignment one – passed!

‘Passed’ is really the wrong word.  My writing course isn’t the not the kind of course you pass or fail.  But my tutor’s comments were on the whole very positive.  Such a relief – it means I have hope of doing something with writing.  If you are so bad they think you would never be able sell anything they let you know, and you can’t carry on with the course.  Big relief.  I have potential.

I’ve also finished the modules I have to read before I start the next assignment.  I’ve now read it, and I am scared.  I need to review a magazine I would like to sell articles to – ok.  Not easy, but do able.  Then I need to write a 150 word brief of an article I would write for that magazine.  Ahhh.  But not the worst thing.  I then need to write the article.  Ahhhhh.  Really ahhhhhhh.  Hopefully will be a lot less scary once I’ve done the review of the magazine.  I’m going to focus on doing that, not even think of the next two sections.

I’ve now done a blog on a Sunday.  The sun’s shining.  It’s a good day 🙂