Monday moans

Yes, after everything I said yesterday about not worrying about the next written assignment (magazine article), I am worrying.  I think this worrying is down to the fact that the first two magazines I picked up to start analysing (therefore eventually write something for) don’t accept articles from outside sources.  It’s kind of disheartened me a little bit.

But, there are many many more magazines out there.  I’ve just got a list of women’s interest ones off the Internet – of  a list of nearly 40, there must be some that I could write an article for.  I just need to find it.  I will probably have to go out and buy about 3,000 magazines though.  Oh well.  It will be worth it.

I’ve just remembered when I first woke up this morning I could recall all of my dream I’d just had.  I didn’t write it down so have forgotten it.  That’s so annoying.  I’m going to buy a little journal book thing today to keep by my bed which will hopefully make me write them down.  Hopefully.

I’m not sounding very happy today.  The sun is shining and it’s quite warm, so I should be.  I think it’s the Monday blues.

STOP.  Monday morning blues now over (would hope so my 5pm!).  I’ve found a magazine that accepts articles from other people.  I’ve also stopped stressing about the assignment.  All is now good with the world (doesn’t take much does it – that is a good thing though).

I read about a website tool/game/thing last week – Frankenstory (I haven’t learnt how to insert a link yet so it’s  The website works like the children’s game consequences.  First you go to the website and start a story in 40 words.  The story is then sent to a friend of  yours, but they can only see the last 10 words.  The same happens again twice.  Then you both are sent all four sections of the story.  I have now done this twice with a friend, with what I think are quite good results.  We are planning on doing a story a day.  That will help with my word count this month.

Speaking of word counts, all I’ve written today is this and my Frankenstory (80 words), so really must get on with some more.  Adios.

2 thoughts on “Monday moans

  1. Not too good, unfortunately work’s got in the way. I’m really looking forward to doing more – and spreading the word about it!

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