Archive | May 13, 2009

Writing again

I started writing and researching an article today.  I know the research should come first, but I had a flash of inspiration so started writing.  It probably won’t be the one I send in for my assignment, but at least it’s writing, and who knows, I might use it at sometime in the future.  I see a trend here – for every assignment I’m doing more than one piece of writing.  I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all.

I’ve also started writing about my ‘future’ life, this was a suggestion by one of those help writing websites I found a while ago – write present, past and future.  I’m getting really into the friend detail and have realised I’m really excited about doing this for ‘Holiday’.  I know I’ve started this somewhere so need to find that writing and continue it.  Yay, I’m getting my buzz back.  I knew it was still there somewhere just waiting to pounce on me when I least expected it.  Or more accurately when I needed it back the most.  Yay!

The other day I did a film review.  No idea what I’d do with that, but it was quite cool to read through dozens of reviews to get a kind of idea what they do, then do one.  I’d really like to do restaurant reviews.  I’d be really good at them – having working in hospitality for years I moan and rave about places I go anyway, would be nice to get something in print about it.

Ran out of time to write anymore again (secretly happy as I have nothing else to write).  See ya!