Archive | May 15, 2009


I decided I was going to do some random writing today.  I found a random word generator (googled to find one) and got ‘Limb’ .  I was so upset I got a rubbish word.  Until the story of Thomas the school skeleton with a new arm came to me.  Yeah, no idea where that came from.  I should be glad my imagination is in fully working order.  Unfortunately he didn’t get to do anything more as my hangover prevented me from being able to continue – one for a later date.  I want to know what happens to him!

I always used to find it funny when writers said that (not that I’m calling myself a writer quite yet).  I thought that they (we) should know what’s going to happen in a piece of writing as it’s coming from their head.  I now know it’s just not like that.  Things can change at any point.  I read someones blog today who had thought of a way to do something, so it meant going back and changing about 1,000 words.  I would cry (I’m sure it will happen to me, and I WILL cry).  As I said yesterday, I’m not good at changing things.  Or more to the point, deciding between a couple of choices.

I’m going to try very very hard to do some writing over the weekend.  Or some of the course.  Or some reading.  When I decide which one…