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I’ve got lethologica

Well,  I don’t really, I just love the word.  If (like me until this morning) you don’t know what it means, it’s an inability to remember the word you’re looking for.  So very soon, when I forget it, I’ll have lethologica about ‘lethologica’.  Love it!  It is a useful word though, I often suffer from it when I’m writing!

Good news!  I found the Blueberry yogurt story.  Yes, I did in fact email it to myself.  Phew.  When I found it though, I was slightly upset!  Only the first 100 or so words  were actually written into a story; all the rest was in note form.  I knew it wasn’t finished, but didn’t realise it was that not finished!  Something for me to focus on.

I’ve just remembered that when I went for a walk at lunch time I thought of how some of a scene for ‘Holiday’ would go.  Two scenes in fact.  Need to write them down!  ASAP.

I also thought of a name for the main character.  It works really well.  I’m very happy about that.  Now they both (the hero too0 have names.  I can stop calling them ‘he’ and ‘her’ etc.  Big relief.

I tried an on-line typing test yesterday.  I thought I’d got really good at it after taking some on-line lessons here a few months ago, turns out I was wrong.  I got a score of 28 wpm.  Damn that’s bad.  It was because I kept making mistakes.  Need to work on that.  A lot.  Now in fact!

Accidental analyser

I have accidently become an analyser of ANYTHING (fiction) I read.  I keep trying to read for enjoyment, but keep finding flaws in the stuff I’m reading.  Online books, blogs, real books.  It’s driving me mad.  Actually that’s a lie.  What is driving me mad is people not being able to write without making a spelling or grammar mistake, or repeating the same thing again and again. 

I was reading a blog last night that was a novella. In one paragraph the same sentence was repeated, virtually word for word.  I wanted to read more because it was a good story, but it just annoyed me too much!  Maybe it’s the things I’m reading, not that I’m becoming more observant.  I don’t think so though.  Well maybe.

Years ago, and still sometimes now, I would have loved to be a proof reader.  I think I’d be really good (except my spelling is atrocious [although I can spell that so maybe it’s not as bad as I think]!).  If I ever seriously consider doing a course (I have done), it needs to be AFTER I finish the writing course (and decide whether I’m going to stay in this job or look for a new one).

Still a little upset about the blueberry yogurt story going missing.  Damn me!

Today I’m…

Surprised by coincidences.  Only yesterday I wrote in my blog about my friend who could only write what his mood dictated.  This morning I read that you must train yourself to write however you feel.  It’s not exactly the same, but the same kind of thing.  I read someone’s blog the other day all about how coincidences happen so much.  It’s crazy.

I read about this in the new book I’m reading ‘How to write a novel’ by *someone*.  It’s a very very old book – it was given to me by my Mum a few years ago (or taken from her, I can’t remember?).  She bought it I think in the 90s but never even looked at it.

I wonder if writing is in genes?  If my mum wanted to write a novel (she also writes a lot of poems, short stories etc) did my want/need to do this come from her? 

What else am I today?  I’m feeling pretty good having gone to the gym this morning and the SUN IS SHINING (weather is hot…).  I’ve also been really busy this morning, which is actually really nice (just unusual).  I feel like I want to do some editing.  Since I’ve been actually dedicating time to writing, I’ve just been writing.  There’s been no going back to re read or to edit what I’ve done. 

The original reason for this is that I read in my course that you should leave what you write for a day or so, that way you can go back fresh to it and see mistakes etc.  I’ve just got into a habit now of not going back to it.  I think it also comes from me setting myself word count targets a few months running, which made me want to write, no matter what I wrote!

I wrote a short story a couple of months ago about a lady who was in the kitchen watching her friend throw her husband out.  I found a ‘random sentence generator’ in one of my google searches and the first one that came up (that I thought was usable) was ”Blueberry yogurt slid unapologetically off the spoon and down… ”.   I loved that and thought of the story straight away. 

I am now about to cry.  I wrote the story when we didn’t have our own log ins for our computers at work.  I thought I’d sent everything to myself as I went along so I wouldn’t loose it (and so no one else could see what I was doing!).  BUT I can’t find this story.  I’ve got the first paragraph, but nothing else.  I might have sent it to my personal email address.  I really hope so, that was a great little story.  And it had a twist in it.  I’ve never been able to write a short story with a twist.  OK, that was only the second short story I’ve written, but that’s because I can’t think of twists or stories that start and finish in just a  few hundred/thousand words!

New job vs writing vs exercise

Here’s a nice little dilemma for me.  At the moment should I spend my free time solely focused on one of these?  Or should I spend half and half on two? Or spread myself very thinly and try and do all three?  I think if I try and do all three I’m not going to be able to do any well, so do I focus on one or two?  And which ones? 

I have a target of loosing weight in 2 weeks which I am not very close to doing yet, so I really need to focus on exercising (plus there’s a little matter of a 10km run I’m doing in three months I need to train for).

So that’s exercise then.  Is that enough, or should I do another?  Which one?  Do I spend my time looking for a new job, which may be very hard and time consuming considering the economic climate.  Or do I continue with the job, do as much writing (and writing course) as possible, then look for another job when the climate picks up/when I’ve finished my course?  I seem to remember having this dilemma before.  I thought I had sorted it with just staying in this job, but I’ve realised I’m not happy here.  I guess really that’s my answer!  Job and exercise.  Then writing.  Well, maybe some writing here and there….

Without a set goal for this month I’m not doing too well with writing, or the course, or blogging.  I guess I also put this down to how I’m feeling about the job and feeling a bit down;  if the writer’s mood affects their writing, who’s going to want to read some slightly moody writing? 

I had this discussion with someone recently.  He said what he writes totally depends on how he feels that day.  If he’s happy he’ll write something nice, light and happy; whereas if he’s feeling sad, the writing will be dark and moody.  He therefore, finds it hard to write something on two consecutive days.  I think that’s bad.  Ideally I would love to become a full time writer (I do know the chances are very slim, but it’s nice to have a dream!) so only being able to write certain things on certain days would be crippling.  I don’t want to be like that.  I think I just need to get out of this little rut I’m in then I’ll be fine.

Oh, just remembered – reading.  With everything else I have on, when can I find time to read???

Ebooks and unedited books

OK, this is going to be a bit of a rant.  I’m reading a novel by a very famous author.  She’s written maybe hundreds of books, many of which I read when I was younger – and enjoyed.  But, I am having real trouble reading this book.  The story is great.  It’s a really good story that I just want to read more and more of.  BUT, the writing is terrible.  The number of times the book repeats itself and contradicts itself is crazy.  It’s really annoying me. Really really annoying me.  Simple things like describing a bedroom, in one scene there was just a bed in the room, and the next it was a mattress.  Another time the heroine turned away from the hero, he said something then she turned away.  She turned away twice in one paragraph.  I’m sure you could argue that it was her way of showing she turned back then away again – but it just feels scrappy.  And unedited.

I’m wondering if anyone has actually edited it at all.  I’m not perfect myself, not by a long shot, but if I was going to write a book, no, now I am writing a book, I’m going to read through it thoroughly.  Word by word, sentence by sentence.  And check for this.  I feel like it’s been written in one go, not read through, not edited then released to the public, probably to be bought by fans who will love it just cause it’s her’s.

I feel like me becoming  a writer is wrecking reading for me.  My brother’s a DJ and he once said to me, once you learn to mix, you never listen to music in the same way again.  It’s starting to dawn on me reading/writing is the same.  Damn.

OK, rant over.  Phew.  Next.

I read a few people’s blogs a few months ago about ebooks – are they the new paper books?  I totally disagreed.  I was of the thought I love reading a book, a paper book you can take on the tube, you can take in the bath, on the beach etc, and I didn’t think my opinion would ever change.  It’s not changed, but I’m starting to see the other side to it.  I’m probably in a unique situation where I have lots of ‘free’ time at work, sat in front of a computer. I’ve always wished I could read while sat there – but on a 5* reception you can’t do that.  So, I started reading an ebook a while ago.  It was great, reading while working.  I’m now on my second.  I stand by my original thought that ebooks will not take over from paper books, but I’m now starting to think there is a time and a place for them.

Because work’s got  a bit busier (and I’m reading a book there) I’ve not done any writing this week.  Actually I started a scene where two friends met for lunch in a posh restaurant.  I was working from a different office and forgot to send the file over to my main office.  I’m probably not going to be able to get it until August.  That’s really annoying.  Although I think I’ll do a new copy of it.  When I get the original back I can compare them.

No work, nothing, nada

Can you believe (shocking as it is!) I’ve not done any blogging, writing or course for nearly a week.  I have, to be honest, been really busy at work, but also distracted with another job offer.  I’m not taking it, but it’s made me think about changing jobs.  Job searching – another thing to occupy my time and stop me writing!

I also haven’t really felt like writing.  Although I think that might be to do with being unhappy at work and having a little ‘I can’t be bothered’ attitude.  I’m trying to get away from it.  If I’m not a writer, this can’t be writer’s block – yay!

I’ve just remembered, I’ve not written my goals for this month – or reviewed last month’s goals.  I will do at some point – some point before the end of June – promise!

I’ve decided I’m going to dedicate this afternoon to writing.  I don’t know what I’m going to write, I’m just going to write.  I’m going to spend an hour just writing and see where it gets me.

The other day I had a bit of a craving to write a scene for ‘Holiday’.  I might start the plan or something for that too.  And get some character names (yes, I know, I was going to do that last week – I did get a few but need them all!).

Right, off I go!

Character names

How do you think of names of characters?  Up until now, they’ve always just come to me when I’ve been writing.  As I thought I had names for the main characters for ‘Holiday’ I’ve been writing using X and Y for their names instead.  I decided yesterday that as I can’t seem to be able to find my original notes for this, I need to find names for them – and for the other characters.  It’s hard.  So so hard.  I need names that suit them, but just can’t really find them.  I’ve got his, but have no idea about hers.  Or most of the other characters.  In the end I did a section for female names I like and one for male names. 

I wanted to do some work on it so much last night.  The internet wasn’t working though, so couldn’t.  Honestly it’s a joke, the 1st time I’m desperate to do some I can’t!  I just hope I have the same ‘need’ tonight.

Nothing else to write about.  Work’s really busy so I’m not finding much time to do any writing. 

Oh, I’ve just started a novel by Danielle Steel; I can’t remember what it’s called – Heatbreak, Heartbeat, Heartsomething.  It was really cheap in a shop the other day so I thought why not?  I’m only at the beginning, but it seems quite good.  I used to read a lot of her books when I was younger, I think I stopped because they’re all about women a lot older than me and most of what I read is about women around my age; I identify with them a lot more.  Should be good though, they usually are!