Archive | June 3, 2009


I’ve been really good today.  For a while, I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve been wondering what, were and how a semi colon should be used.  I imagine it’s something I learnt at school, but just can’t remember.  As a writer I should know, so I googled ‘Use of Semi Colon’ and found this great link.  So now I know.  Only another 1,000 grammar and punctuation things I need to learn.  It’s a start though.

I’ve also done something bad.  Well, good, but also bad.  Only bad because I know I’m going to regret it.  I was chatting with a girl from work about how you can download books online, and how that would be a great idea for at work as we’re sat at computers with nothing to do between phone calls and/or visitors coming in (I work on a reception/switchboard).  So, today I looked into it, and found something even better.  Free books.  Yes, that’s right, free books.  Wooop.  From here.  So, I’ve started a new book.  Good, more reading.  Bad, I’ll be reading instead of writing.  At least it’s all going towards being a writer anyway.

I wonder when you start calling yourself a writer?  Is it when you’ve written a book? An article? Or when you’ve had it published?  Or should people consider themselves writers when they write ANYTHING?  If that’s the case, I should call myself a writer now, cause I write quite a lot (I’ll get round to finding out how many  words I wrote last month and the rest of my May round up tomorrow).  I don’t feel like one though. 

Maybe I will when I get this silly second assignment done.  I know I’m only calling it silly because it’s dragging out.  I WILL get it done over the next two days (HOLIDAY days).  I’m writing my list now of what I’m going to do – I think I’ll need to get up normal working time to get everything done.  damn.

I know I’ve got a hundred more things to say, but without a list, I can’t remember them.