Today I’m…

Surprised by coincidences.  Only yesterday I wrote in my blog about my friend who could only write what his mood dictated.  This morning I read that you must train yourself to write however you feel.  It’s not exactly the same, but the same kind of thing.  I read someone’s blog the other day all about how coincidences happen so much.  It’s crazy.

I read about this in the new book I’m reading ‘How to write a novel’ by *someone*.  It’s a very very old book – it was given to me by my Mum a few years ago (or taken from her, I can’t remember?).  She bought it I think in the 90s but never even looked at it.

I wonder if writing is in genes?  If my mum wanted to write a novel (she also writes a lot of poems, short stories etc) did my want/need to do this come from her? 

What else am I today?  I’m feeling pretty good having gone to the gym this morning and the SUN IS SHINING (weather is hot…).  I’ve also been really busy this morning, which is actually really nice (just unusual).  I feel like I want to do some editing.  Since I’ve been actually dedicating time to writing, I’ve just been writing.  There’s been no going back to re read or to edit what I’ve done. 

The original reason for this is that I read in my course that you should leave what you write for a day or so, that way you can go back fresh to it and see mistakes etc.  I’ve just got into a habit now of not going back to it.  I think it also comes from me setting myself word count targets a few months running, which made me want to write, no matter what I wrote!

I wrote a short story a couple of months ago about a lady who was in the kitchen watching her friend throw her husband out.  I found a ‘random sentence generator’ in one of my google searches and the first one that came up (that I thought was usable) was ”Blueberry yogurt slid unapologetically off the spoon and down… ”.   I loved that and thought of the story straight away. 

I am now about to cry.  I wrote the story when we didn’t have our own log ins for our computers at work.  I thought I’d sent everything to myself as I went along so I wouldn’t loose it (and so no one else could see what I was doing!).  BUT I can’t find this story.  I’ve got the first paragraph, but nothing else.  I might have sent it to my personal email address.  I really hope so, that was a great little story.  And it had a twist in it.  I’ve never been able to write a short story with a twist.  OK, that was only the second short story I’ve written, but that’s because I can’t think of twists or stories that start and finish in just a  few hundred/thousand words!

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