Archive | June 26, 2009

I’ve got lethologica

Well,  I don’t really, I just love the word.  If (like me until this morning) you don’t know what it means, it’s an inability to remember the word you’re looking for.  So very soon, when I forget it, I’ll have lethologica about ‘lethologica’.  Love it!  It is a useful word though, I often suffer from it when I’m writing!

Good news!  I found the Blueberry yogurt story.  Yes, I did in fact email it to myself.  Phew.  When I found it though, I was slightly upset!  Only the first 100 or so words  were actually written into a story; all the rest was in note form.  I knew it wasn’t finished, but didn’t realise it was that not finished!  Something for me to focus on.

I’ve just remembered that when I went for a walk at lunch time I thought of how some of a scene for ‘Holiday’ would go.  Two scenes in fact.  Need to write them down!  ASAP.

I also thought of a name for the main character.  It works really well.  I’m very happy about that.  Now they both (the hero too0 have names.  I can stop calling them ‘he’ and ‘her’ etc.  Big relief.

I tried an on-line typing test yesterday.  I thought I’d got really good at it after taking some on-line lessons here a few months ago, turns out I was wrong.  I got a score of 28 wpm.  Damn that’s bad.  It was because I kept making mistakes.  Need to work on that.  A lot.  Now in fact!