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More plot lines

A while ago I wrote on here that I had realised I didn’t have enough sub-plots for ‘Holiday’.  I was quite worried about it as I could only think of one or 2 little things to put in.  After reading some notes from previous story plots, I thought of a couple of things I could transfer to this (because, lets face it, the chances of me ever finishing that novel are slim to none.  Although I do love the idea, and I have written 6k words of it.  It almost seems a shame to give up on it completely, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do so I’m stealing it!).

Last night I decided I was going to  do a few ideas for ‘Holiday’, including this new plot line plan.  As I was writing I kept coming up with more and more ideas for it.  Also an idea I had for a bit of the story originally (I think the scene that I’d written – about 2 years ago) came back to me.  I’m so excited about writing it.  It’s going to be brilliant.  I hope anyway.  The story’s brilliant, I just need it brilliant in words!

I finished Singletini at the weekend.  while reading it I started wondering, is there any way of writing a ‘chick-lit’ book, without the readers knowing the whole way through that the hero and heroine are going to get together in the end?  The last couple of novels I’ve read it’s so obvious.  I can’t help thinking that in ‘Holiday’ it will be really obvious too.  Even with my little twist, you still know they’re going to get together. 

I’ve just remembered another sub-plot idea I had for it.  I carry a notebook round with me 90% of the time – and I can’t seem to remember to write things down when I think of them.  So annoying!

Right.  Today’s mission is to find names for the characters.  I don’t really want to do this as I’m sure the main ones already had them somewhere but it doesn’t look like I’m going to find the notes I did.  New names then…


I still hate thinking of titles (which is why there’s a rubbish one here!!!!)

So, I had my days off last week which were going to be packed full of writing, assignment doing and writing sorting.  In actual fact they were filled with relaxing, ‘me’ time and assignment doing.  I’ve done most of the review for the magazine.  I’ve got most of my ideas for the article I’m going to do for the assignment.  I found LOADS of writing I’d done before, some ideas of which I’m going to steel for ‘Holiday’ sub plots.  I didn’t finish the assignment or sort all my writing into any kind of order, but I do feel a bit more positive about it all.  I also did lots of reading – I’ve finished Singletini already!

I did no writing over the weekend.  As usual.  However, I did feel like doing some (the only reason I didn’t was becausr my laptop was at the man’s house), which I feel is a very positive step forward!

I promise sometime soon I’ll do some goals for June and a wrap up of May (yes, I am very aware it’s now 8th and I’ve still not done them – they are on my to do list).

Days off… writing

Well, the first of my 2 days off work to concentrate on my writing and course was quite unproductive – in terms of writing and doing the course.  I figure I needed a ‘me’ day though to refresh, so today’s the day!  I did write a list of things I want to do, and did loads of them, so that’s good

I did do some more of assignment 2 – I’ll finish the magazine review today and I’ve got an idea of the article I want to write (along with a subject that’s happy to talk about it).  It’s going to be a lot of research and work – but I’m quite happy about the subject.  in my mind it’s going to be great!

One thing I did do a lot of yesterday is reading. Singletini that I’m reading is pretty good.  The story’s great, the way it’s written slightly annoys me.  It’s a little too casual, colloquial for my liking I think.  Maybe it’s just getting used to it, because I’m finding it easier to get used to as I go along.  Maybe it’s because it’s in the 1st person and I don’t read that many books that are.  I originally wanted to write my 1st novel (the one I’ve did 6,000 words for 5 years ago), but that idea went out with ‘Holiday’.  I’m not sure why.  I do like 1st person as I personally think it pulls you  in more as you’re seeing everything through that one person’s eyes, almost like it’s happening to you.  ‘Holiday’ is currently being written in 3d person, but from the heroine’s perspective.  I want to keep it just from hers so the reader experiences what she does – they don’t have the knowledge of what’s happening to other people until it happens to her.

I had the idea for ‘Holiday’ a few years ago, and had written some notes about it.  I think they maybe had the charachter’s names and a bit of detail about the story.  I’ve been trying to find these notes, but can’t.  It’s really annoying me.  I know I wouldn’t have thrown them away, I just don’t know where I’ve put them (this is why I should have a neat tidy life).

In the process of looking for them, I found loads of notes for ANOTHER novel idea I had when I was at uni (I know it was from then because the application letter for my 1st job was written on the back of them).  I’m quite surprised about this as I don’t remember writing anything until the year after I left.  It had some good ideas of things I can move over to this story – and some (basic, but good) character analysis’.

Right off to do the assignment (maybe something of my to do list 1st)…


I’ve been really good today.  For a while, I’m embarrassed to say, I’ve been wondering what, were and how a semi colon should be used.  I imagine it’s something I learnt at school, but just can’t remember.  As a writer I should know, so I googled ‘Use of Semi Colon’ and found this great link.  So now I know.  Only another 1,000 grammar and punctuation things I need to learn.  It’s a start though.

I’ve also done something bad.  Well, good, but also bad.  Only bad because I know I’m going to regret it.  I was chatting with a girl from work about how you can download books online, and how that would be a great idea for at work as we’re sat at computers with nothing to do between phone calls and/or visitors coming in (I work on a reception/switchboard).  So, today I looked into it, and found something even better.  Free books.  Yes, that’s right, free books.  Wooop.  From here.  So, I’ve started a new book.  Good, more reading.  Bad, I’ll be reading instead of writing.  At least it’s all going towards being a writer anyway.

I wonder when you start calling yourself a writer?  Is it when you’ve written a book? An article? Or when you’ve had it published?  Or should people consider themselves writers when they write ANYTHING?  If that’s the case, I should call myself a writer now, cause I write quite a lot (I’ll get round to finding out how many  words I wrote last month and the rest of my May round up tomorrow).  I don’t feel like one though. 

Maybe I will when I get this silly second assignment done.  I know I’m only calling it silly because it’s dragging out.  I WILL get it done over the next two days (HOLIDAY days).  I’m writing my list now of what I’m going to do – I think I’ll need to get up normal working time to get everything done.  damn.

I know I’ve got a hundred more things to say, but without a list, I can’t remember them.

Inspiration returning

I’ve now been inspired enough to do some writing 2 days in a row without MAKING myself write.  Yes, that means that I did some writing on a Sunday – do do do!  I’m still in shock myself! Very proud of myself – lets hope it’s first in a long line of writing at weekends.

I really should write about how well I did with my goals for May, but I left my book at home that had all the details.  Damn.  I’ll do it tomorrow.

I’ll also do my June goals tomorrow – I think I need last month’s results to plan this month’s goals.

I’m really excited about Thursday and Friday – I’ve got them off to do some work on my course and to get my writing ideas in order (including ‘Holiday’).  The weather is so nice at the moment, and looks like it might be then too!  I’m going to take my laptop in the garden and do some work there.  Cannot wait!

I did another bit of writing using a random word generator today.  I love them.  It’s like I don’t need to think of the beginning of a story – it will do it for me.  My words today were ‘annual’, ‘party’, ‘flip’, ‘believed’, ‘crash’.  I wrote the beginning of a story where a girl was driving to her annual work party when the car in front of her crashed and flipped down a hill.  She’s going to not be able to see it when she goes looking for it, neither will the police – therefore no one believes her!  What story would you have written from these words?  It may go on somewhere else – who knows!