Minor success numero uno

It’s not a big success, but in terms of my writing it’s MASSIVE (yes massive enough to require capitals).  I’ve finished a story.  It may only be a short story (1500 odd words).  But, I have finished it.  I have created a short story.  It’s only version one and very unedited, but I’ve still done it.  Wooooopieeeeeee.

I always had problems thinking how to write a short story.  I thought it was near impossible (for me anyway) to get a reader interesed in such a short amount of words and then finish the story too.  But I’ve done it.  It’s even got a twist.  Yes, I fitted in (what I hope to be) interest in characters, a finish and A TWIST into 1500 words.  I am happy. 

I am though, wondering if I should explore the characters a little more and make it 2000 words.  I don’t know.  All I know is that I can do it.  BIG step. 

Next step is this children’s story I’ve got in my head (and the notes to on my computer).  I was thinking it could turn into a series of children’s stories.  My problem with writing this is that I’ve not read children’s stories for about 15 years (since my cousins were young – I’m not that young) so don’t really know the language, style etc that should be used.  I need to do some children’s book reading.  Oh good one me, another thing to add to my never ending ‘To Do’ list.  I think this is where library membership will come in useful.

I’m going to do some writing this weekend.  I have no housemate or boyfriend to distract me on Sunday so really want to work hard on the writing course.  I’m not too excited about this assignment (hence me putting it off and off for a couple of months), but need to get through it to be able to move on to something else.  Fiction would be nice!  Actually over the next few days I think I’m going to re read the last few modules as that may work to get my enthusiasm back for it. 

I’m now half way through reading Brown Girls.  I’m reading this online at work, which has been fine up to now, it’s been a nice read.  But now I’m too into it to be able to handle only reading an hour (interrupted) per day.  The last two days I’ve gone home wishing I could read it on the tube/when I got home (laptop’s not been accessible the last few days).  I think it’s got to the point where I’m going to have to print some of it out.  It’s really good!

Talking of laptops, I think mine is dying 😦  Or at least the fan is.  I need to back up everything I have NOW!  When it does die I might go for one of those mobile go anywhere internet jobbies.  At the moment you can get a free laptop if you pay x amount a month.  You can get one of those small take anywhere ones.  I want one.  Actually not too sure if I do, the screens are so small.  I don’t really need to think about it too much right now, my current one is fine! For the moment!!

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