A little bit of writing on a Friday afternoon

I really really want to get on with writing, but don’t really know what to write.  I’ve just edited a bit of the blueberry yogurt story.  I think I need longer away from it though.  At the moment I think it’s really good, so need to step back so I can see it for what it is not what it is in my head.

I started this story yesterday about a girl going on holiday with her gran, mum and great auntie Pearle.  I could carry on with this, but I don’t really feel it today.

That really means I SHOULD carry on with it.  I need to start making myself write even when I don’t feel like it.  Although I feel like writing today, so does it matter what I write?

I have been wondering a lot the last 24 hours (I know, so long, ha ha!) about whether I’m doing the right thing just writing random little bits then leaving them.  Should I be persisting with things to get to the end, or is it ok doing this because surely ANY writing is better than NO writing?  I lied, I’ve actually been thinking about this for a lot longer, I believe I’ve blogged about this exact thing before.  I think I’m going to go with it’s fine to do.  If I have an idea, getting it down is good, maybe it will lead to something later.  I once sat a wrote a little scene about a tube journey.  A few days later I realised it would go in ‘Holiday’ really well.  Yes, I’m doing the right thing.

In fact, thinking about it now, I can maybe see the airport scene going into Holiday.  Changed quite a bit, but it could fit.  He he, go me!

2 thoughts on “A little bit of writing on a Friday afternoon

  1. I often write bits and leave them be for awhile that way when I’m ready to pick them up I haven’t forgotten that great idea that spurred me in the very beginning. That’s why I love my computer…so many places to file things away!!!
    I recently completed a short story that had only a paragraph written for several months while I was off working on other things . When I felt ready to pick it back up I finished it and it ended up being published in Grain Magazine. So yes, that can work!

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for the advice and thanks for stopping by. It’s nice to hear that other people do this AND it works really well for them. I’ll stop my questioning and carry on with some writing.
    I’ve just had a quick look at your blog, good luck with the book launch in October. NTWG.

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