Archive | August 6, 2009

Left brain vs right brain; Logic vs creativity

I stumbled upon this test to see if you think with the left (logical) or right (creative) side of your brain.  I’d always gone through life thinking I wasn’t really very creative (yeah really, even though I write a lot of fiction – go figure), but this test shows I use the right side of my Brain.  After a lot of trying I was able to see the dancer go the other way, but it was a lot of trying.  I’m quite happy with that.  (I warn you, once I was able to see her dance the other way I became addicted to making my brain see her change direction – maybe that’s to do with the obsessive part of my brain!)

I’ve made a decision.  Well, I’ve made a decision to help me get to the correct decision in the end (not even sure I understand that).  I have been thinking for a while about whether ‘Holiday’ should read in the 1st person, or 3rd but from the main character’s perspective.  Currently everything I have written is in 3rd person, but I think I really want it to be 1st.  But I’m not sure.  So, I’ve decided to make my decision, I’m going to rewrite a scene I’ve written (or 2) in first person and decide which I prefer when I can compare them. 

I think to do this, I’ll read the scene and make notes with the things I need to include.  I think I’ll then leave it for a day or two (to clear my mind of it) then write it 1st person.  Thing is now I’ve got this idea I really want to do it NOW!  we’ll see.

I’ve also just had an idea I think I might come to regret.  People say you should leave your writing for a couple of days before editing it.  What if I wrote something, then rewrote it a few days later (weeks, months…) to see how I changed it etc.  Just as an experiment.  I’m going to try it.

I had an idea a while ago about having a go at rewriting magazine articles, to see how I’d phrase things and if I thought I was any good at it (seeing as this assignment I’ve been thinking about for months is to write a magazine article).  The problem is, to get the information I have to read the article, and don’t want to do that as I want the writing to come just from me – I don’t want any ideas from anyone else (I don’t want to steel anything).  Obviously I would do this just as an exercise, I wouldn’t use it for anything other than my personal use.  I wonder if I can talk someone into reading an article and writing out the main points I would need to use. Mmmmmm.