Left brain vs right brain; Logic vs creativity

I stumbled upon this test to see if you think with the left (logical) or right (creative) side of your brain.  I’d always gone through life thinking I wasn’t really very creative (yeah really, even though I write a lot of fiction – go figure), but this test shows I use the right side of my Brain.  After a lot of trying I was able to see the dancer go the other way, but it was a lot of trying.  I’m quite happy with that.  (I warn you, once I was able to see her dance the other way I became addicted to making my brain see her change direction – maybe that’s to do with the obsessive part of my brain!)

I’ve made a decision.  Well, I’ve made a decision to help me get to the correct decision in the end (not even sure I understand that).  I have been thinking for a while about whether ‘Holiday’ should read in the 1st person, or 3rd but from the main character’s perspective.  Currently everything I have written is in 3rd person, but I think I really want it to be 1st.  But I’m not sure.  So, I’ve decided to make my decision, I’m going to rewrite a scene I’ve written (or 2) in first person and decide which I prefer when I can compare them. 

I think to do this, I’ll read the scene and make notes with the things I need to include.  I think I’ll then leave it for a day or two (to clear my mind of it) then write it 1st person.  Thing is now I’ve got this idea I really want to do it NOW!  we’ll see.

I’ve also just had an idea I think I might come to regret.  People say you should leave your writing for a couple of days before editing it.  What if I wrote something, then rewrote it a few days later (weeks, months…) to see how I changed it etc.  Just as an experiment.  I’m going to try it.

I had an idea a while ago about having a go at rewriting magazine articles, to see how I’d phrase things and if I thought I was any good at it (seeing as this assignment I’ve been thinking about for months is to write a magazine article).  The problem is, to get the information I have to read the article, and don’t want to do that as I want the writing to come just from me – I don’t want any ideas from anyone else (I don’t want to steel anything).  Obviously I would do this just as an exercise, I wouldn’t use it for anything other than my personal use.  I wonder if I can talk someone into reading an article and writing out the main points I would need to use. Mmmmmm.


4 thoughts on “Left brain vs right brain; Logic vs creativity

  1. Hi there,

    This is a great test and i can’t help think there’s something mystical about it.

    I’m relatively new to writing too and have recently stumbled across your blog which I think is marvelous. Keep it up. All us striving writer’s are suffering under the same conditions.

  2. Hi Kaefka,

    Thanks for stopping by and even more thanks for your nice comment. It’s nice to know people read and enjoy my words.

    Good luck with your writing, are you working on anything specific?

  3. I always like to have a piece of work sit for a while sometimes things are just too fresh and you need a new perspective that will come once you’ve taken a break from it. And I have often changed from first to third until I found the right fit. Sometimes it’s difficult to know which to use until you actually see it written out That sounds like a good plan.. My Y/A novel;, Bitter, Sweet shifts throughout with third and first person. It just felt right.

  4. My writing course suggests you leave a piece of writing for a few days so when you go back it’s new and you can see the spelling/punctuation errors. That’s why I started doing it, but I find you also pick out things you want to change etc. I’ve just re read a short story for the 1st time since writing it a month ago and found out I missed out a whole section I had thought was there.

    That’s a really interesting idea shifting perspective throughout the novel. It will be interesting to read it to see how it works.

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