Archive | August 7, 2009

Excuses, excuses

But they’re damn good.  I’ve not done any writing until today this week (other than blogs) due to a migraine on Tuesday and really bad head ever since.  But having eaten my own body weight in carbs today, I feel much better (comfort food…?). 

This afternoon I started to rewrite a scene I’ve written for ‘holiday’.  It went terribly.  I messed up all my tenses which really annoyed me as that kind of this really irks me in other people’s writing.  I’m trying to write in 1st person past tense, but keep putting present in.  I think I need to give this my full attention not do at work when I’m constantly distracted.  Maybe this weekend…

I’ve got a very relaxing weekend coming up.  Am going ‘home’ for a long weekend and have hardly anything planned.  I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ll even take my laptop and try and do some writing.  I may well actually do some!

I was emailing a friend who also likes writing earlier and she said she’d love to read some of my writing.  I’ve sent her a copy of the short story I wrote last month; And told her to be totally honest.  I’m really nervous as this is pretty much the first time I’ve ever let anyone read something fiction of mine.  Also, she’s more into vampire and horror than chick lit, so not too sure what she’ll think of it.  We’ll see.

I had someone comment on my ‘What I’m reading’ page yesterday.  It made me go back and look at it for the 1st time since I wrote it months ago and realise how out of date it is.  I’ve changed the name of the page to Reading/Read to make it a little more accurate and updated it a bit.  I need to add in loads of books that I’ve read in the last couple of months, but that’s a job for another day (when I can actually remember them all!).  I’ve also updated by ‘To read page’.  Ooh, I’ve had fun today.