Try to write less

After yesterday’s mammoth blog, I’ll try a shorter one today.  That will also mean I’ll get back to my ‘Holiday’ planning (funny, I’ve also been planning a holiday!).

Yes, I’ve been doing a little planning today.  I’ve got this scene in my head and today I started thinking about it a bit more.  I realised that it’s pretty pointless to the story and with the logistics of London (where they live) it doesn’t really work.  So I’ve scrapped it. 

Although writing that made me remember that I’ve already planned the scene.  Agh.  But it’s ok, I’ve just read the notes and I’ve only planned what they talk about, which can easily be moved to the next scene.  Phew. 

I think I’m going to spend a good few hours this weekend planning out ‘Holiday’.  I’m going to do my story board and maybe work a bit more on the background details I’ve got in my head that make everyone who they are.  I’ve just realised there is going to be quite a lot of friction between the heroine and the hero’s girlfriend.  Looking forward to that. 

I’m going to stop myself from writing any more now, or I’d probably carry on rambling for another 600 odd words 🙂

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