Weekend procrastinating

I’m awake and up on a Sunday, ready to do some writing.  Or planning really.  I want to do a big chunk of this story board for ‘Holiday’ today.  I’ve started bits of it.  But now I’m procrastinating.  I don’t know why.  I’ve been looking forward to doing this for weeks, so I don’t really know why.  It might be that I’m not feeling 100% today; I had a migraine yesterday (the fourth in 10 days!) and have the after-effect woozy head.

Games, wordpress and Desperate Housewives aren’t helping either.  Sigh.

Ok.  I’ve done some.  I’ve also worked out the time line and how  a couple of things fit in that I was having questions over.  This is so exciting.

Ok, more procrastinating.  Making roast dinner…

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