Archive | August 21, 2009


After everything I’ve said about being desperate to read some chick lit, I’m not.  I found a Ben Elton book at the man’s house so have borrowed that.  I’ve read a few of his and think they’re really good.  This one’s ‘High Society’.  I found it pretty hard to read the first seven pages due to REALLY LOUD women on the train, but think I’ll get into it pretty quickly.  Am quite excited, I know it will be a good read.

I sent my short story off last night to the author who was interested in looking at it for me.  Due to him living on the other side of the world to me, he’d looked at it and suggested changes by the time I checked my emails this morning.  Nice.  Unfortunately I can’t access that email address from work (had a peek through mobile internet!) to see the attachment, so will have to wait until I get home later to see what he says.  Very excited.  And he didn’t say he hated it, so that’s good 🙂

I’m working from another office today, one I worked at a few months ago.  While I was here last time I started writing a scene.  It was mainly for practice describing things; I don’t feel that I’m all that good at writing descriptions of rooms etc, so sometimes do these little exercises.  I don’t feel that I really made the room come to life – which was my objective, but I quite like my description of one of the people.  I definately need to concentrate on describing rooms, places etc.

Just found a scene I wrote for ‘Holiday’ a couple of weeks ago.  This book HAS to be written in 1st person.  It works so well (I think).  I just worry that she’s me just in different situations.  I guess she can be, as long as the other characters aren’t also me.  I found an article the other day which gives guidance on character building  and one of the suggestions it makes is to write scenes from another character’s perspective, then see if it sounds the same.  I think that’s a really good idea.  One I’ll be trying out shortly.

Two hours left at work, nothing to do.  I bet I can do some good writing in that time 🙂