What to write?

I feel like I should do a blog as I’m sat at my computer with wordpress open and nothing to do really.  I should be doing my story board for ‘Holiday’.  Or maybe eating ice cream.  Hmmmm.  Which one? I think I’m procrastinating again.  Maybe I should do some of my course?

I’m really worried my computer’s going to die.  It’s getting really hot when it’s turned on.  So hot I can’t rest my right hand on it.  That’s not good.  I should back everything up I have on it just in case it does die soon.  Eek.

OK, I am going to go do something productive (after the ice cream)


One thought on “What to write?

  1. Procrastination is the brain’s way of telling you that the idea isn’t quite fully formed in your subconscious. Or maybe it is the Muse’s day off.

    Watch out for the computer overheating. Turn it fully off for five minutes, and when you switch it back on make sure it has plenty of ventilation room. Check the vents, ’cause dust can clog them up if you aren’t keeping an eye on them.

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