Archive | August 24, 2009

The dreaded writing course

Seeing as I’ve not really talked about this that much recently, I thought I’d have a little moan about my writing course. 

About six months ago (was it really that long ago, eek!) I started a correspondence writing course.  I was so excited as I’d spent YEARS wanting to do this, but had been putting it off with one excuse or another.  I finally decided that if I ever wanted to write a novel (which I really do), I wanted to be best equip for it I could be, and that means doing a writing course.  Also it seemed like a good time to spend the money on it (special offers – always good).

So I got the course.  Read the first modules.  Did the first assignment.  Twice (as I didn’t like the first attempt). Got pretty good feedback from my tutor.  Read the second module.  And stopped.  And in the last four months I have done nothing.  No, I’ve done about half an hour’s research.  And that’s it. 

I think the problem is fear.  This assignment is a magazine analysis and an article for a magazine.  First part, easy, done.  Second part, ahhhhhh.  They say if it’s good enough, they will suggest you try to sell it.  I think this is where my problem lies.  Sell it?  What?  I’m not ready for that!  Or I don’t feel like I am.  The idea scares the hell out of me.  Completely.  And because of this I can’t move on.  Not even the thought that I’m paying x amount each month for the course is enough to spur me on.

The other thing stopping me may well be that I’m not all that happy with the topic I’ve chosen.  And I can’t think of another one good enough. 

I just need to get through this somehow.  I don’t know how.  Somehow, some way I will.  Sometime. 

In other news, I’m loving the Ben Elton book (‘High Society’).  I made a pretty big dent in it this morning on the bus and tube.  I have a feeling this will become a pretty addictive read soon, who needs to sleep when there’s a good book to be read?