Archive | August 25, 2009


I can’t help a second post today, I’m really excited.  I’m aslo pretty worried that I’m so excited.

I’ve finally joined the library.  I did it at lunchtime so didn’t have enough time to look round properly, but I am very excited none the less.  The have a ‘best sellers’ section, they have a travel section, they have a COOKERY section and they have a WRITING section.  They also have DVDs and CDs.  Ok, so maybe I’ve not been a member of a library for years and these things are normal, but I am so excited about them.  I do worry how much time I could spend there, and how many books I’m going to have to add to my ‘to read’ list, but these small worries are currently being numbed by my enthusiasm for it. 

I feel like everyone has something in them that makes them slightly geeky, whether they’re a computer geek, a film geek, a celebrity geek, whatever.  I think I’m a book geek.  And you know what, I don’t care.  I love them.

Sorry, just had to share!

Premature looking at goals

I know we’ve still got a few days left of August, but I felt I had to look at my goals for this month today.  Mainly because I feel like I’ve done LOADS of writing this month.  I have.  I’ve already beaten my goal of 10k – I’ve done 11.  Go me.

I’ve done quite a variety of different things this month:  I’ve done lots towards ‘holiday’, both planning and writing;  I’ve done lots of blogs on here; I’ve done quite a lot of random ‘just write’ writing; and written a couple of other things I’ve been inspired to write.  I don’t feel I’ve done all that much that would be productive, but at the same time, I’ve done lots of writing and the more writing you do, the better you get. I hope!

I’ve not read 2 novels yet.  I don’t think I’m even 100 words into one yet.  Oops.  This book’s good though, so I’ll defo get through that by the end of the month.  Maybe with this long weekend coming up I’ll even get onto the next one.  Doubtful, but possible. 

I’ve also done writing and blogs at the weekends.  I’m really happy about this, but I do feel I’ve slightly cheated on this.  Not cheated as such, but not that it’s a proper habit I’ve gotten into.  I usually spend weekends with my boyfriend, but this month we’ve been apart quite a bit.  On these days I’ve  been doing writing and blogs.  Ah.  The weekends I’ve spent with him I’ve not done anything.  See the pattern here?  I either need to stop spending weekends with him (not an option) or need to make a serious effort to do productive writing things when with him during the weekends.  I know by writing this, he will read this, and help to encourage me to do some (please hunny).

Last week I was looking at a post here on WordPress.  It was a story inspired by a photo that was given as a writing prompt on a website somewhere.  The story written inspired me to write a story, kind of following on from it, but not exactly.  I’m semi tempted to send my story to the original story’s writer.  Semi tempted.  That would be quite a cool thing to do if there was a group of writers.  One person writes a story from a prompt, then the next writes one inspired by the story, then the next inspired by that story and so on.  Hmmmmm.