Archive | September 4, 2009

What’s the problem?

I realised this morning that I’ve not written anything other than blogs for the last couple of weeks.  For at least a week anyway.  I know it sounds silly, but I really hadn’t noticed.  I think it might be that I’ve been semi busy at work – but usually I can squeeze some in anyway!  I don’t know why I’ve not done any.  I had a go at continuing a scene for ‘Holiday’ I started a while ago this morning; I didn’t get far.  I do seem to have peaks and dips in my writing motivation, and I think currently I’m in a dip.  Not good.

Especially not good as I’ve got a very busy weekend this weekend, so will definitely get no writing done.  I shouldn’t be so negative – I probably won’t get any done.  Although sometimes I surprise myself so who knows!

I did something I’ve not done often this morning.  I planned my blog.  Usually I just write whatever comes into my mind at the time, but this time (I think the second time ever) I planned what I was going to write.  I wonder if it makes a difference to the quality.  I don’t think so – it’s not like any of the randomness I blog about is connected so flows well – it’s just lots of thoughts put together!

I read a blog this morning that was talking about sex scenes and  whether they are necessary or not.  I’ve been wondering something along the same lines for my novel ‘Holiday’.  From when I concieved the idea of the novel, I always planned for the heroine to have sex once.  Then I thought it would be good for her to go back to her ex for one night.  Then randomly I developed an idea for a one night stand for her. 

The problem is that the book only spans two or three months, so I’m wondering if this will make her look too promiscuous.  I’m trying to think what they all bring to the story.  I have to keep the scene with the hero as that’s the scene that brings the question of whether they will get together or not about.  I feel it’s crucial. 

I think the night with the ex is quite important as that’s showing that she’s still really into him and wants him back.  It also forms the basis of showing her progression getting over him as when he tries to initiate it again, she’s getting over him so refuses.

I’m not too sure about the one night stand.  It will show some humour (I hope) and it will also show that although she’s over her ex, she’s not ready for another relationship.  That’s useful as it will emphasis that although she doesn’t want to be in a relationship, when she gets together with the hero, he’s so special her ideas about staying single go out the window.   BUT – is it too much??  She’s 27/28 and living in London.  I don’t know.  Maybe I’ll write it and see what happens. 

Right, I’m going to force myself to do some writing now.  I could get loads done this afternoon as we’re dead quiet here today!