Archive | September 7, 2009

Last minute thought

I was thinking of letting today pass without a blog.  I felt like I didn’t have anything to say and didn’t want to drivel on about nothing forever like I sometimes do. 

But, I’ve just been sent a link to a blog (here) by Stephen Fry that my other half thought I should read.  I’m glad I did.  What I found interesting is that in part of it he’s discussing how hard writing is.  I’ve been panicking about this recently.  I’ve been thinking that maybe if I’m finding it so hard to make myself write that maybe I’m not cut out for it.  Or, according to the article, maybe that’s what makes me a writer.  Nice timing.  I recommend you take a look at it.

There’s not really any other news.  As predicted I was busy all weekend so didn’t do anything.  I don’t feel bad about it though as I was catching up with friends from home.  I’ve been really busy at work today so not been able to do anything.  Laptop’s still at boyfriend’s house so no writing tonight, but I’ll get back on it tomorrow – promise.  I’m kind of glad about it not being at home tonight, I’m shattered after the weekend and probably need the extra sleep I’ll get by not having it! Continue reading