Archive | September 24, 2009

Ideas, ideas, ideas

I was thinking in the shower this morning (I often do my best thinking there!) about the article I’m doing for my next assignment.  I was thinking specifically about how I was going to find people to quote for it (every good article needs a people element); I came up with a slightly altered version of the article, which has now made me happy with it.  I was happy with the subject, but unsure that I would be able to make a full and interesting article from it.  I am sure I can now.  Yay.

Also in the shower I was thinking more about the Mills & Boon book I’d like to write.  I’m going to write a rough plan for it – see how it takes shape, if it sounds good written on paper.  I need to do read some of their books – I’ve got loads at home, but haven’t read them for ages.

I also need to do some research on children’s books.  I’ve got this idea for a book (or a series of books) for pretty young children, but I’ve not read a children’s book for about 20 years (when my cousins were little) so have no idea what age group to aim it (them) for.  That was my main reason for joining the library – to get children’s books out!

Wow, I have a lot going on in my head today.

I finished Mr Toppitt last night.  I’m quite relieved to finish it, not because I hated it or anything, but so I can now get on with another book from my ‘to read’ pile.  I got three books out the library that need to be returned next Thursday and I’ve not even started them yet.  I’m starting Meg Gardiner’s The Dirty Secrets Club today.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Then I’m going for some chick lit.  Yay.  I’ve got most of the weekend to myself as both my boyfriend and housemate are going away.  I’m working (job 2) Saturday day, but that gives me Saturday night and most of Sunday to myself.  I think I’ll work a little on the writing course and READ.  Lots.  Unless I get sucked into Saturday night TV – is NCIS still on…?

I’ve got the date for my operation – and therefore my week off work.  I am terrified about the operation, I try to think about it as little as possible, but really excited about having a week off work.  I guess the first few days I’ll be woozy after the anesthetic, but after than, free time at home.  To write.  Oh yay.