Archive | September 25, 2009

Every cloud has a sliver lining

I have to think about it that way or I’ll go mad!  About what you ask?  Well.  I had a hospital appointment this morning.  Was just about going to be on time, but the bus didn’t turn up.  Well, it sat at the other end of the bus stop for fifteen minutes – so it picked everyone up at the time the next one was due.  I was starting to get stressed at this point.  Then, on the way, we found we had to go a diverted way as the road was being dug up to replace gas pipes or something.  I got there half an hour late.  As I sat down one of the other patients told me I shouldn’t apologise for being late – no one’s been in yet.  Fine. 

Five minutes later someone came up to me and told me I needed to go have blood taken.  I’ve been there before.  You take a ticket with a number and get in line.  I was there three hours last time.  I cried internally.  When I got there I took ticket number 185.  I looked at the board – they were on ticket number 103 (to put this in perspective I was number 1 8 _ *something* last time and they were on about 80 when I arrived!).  82 people were in front of me.  I bawled my eyes out internally. 

Luckily lots of people disappeared – their numbers got called but they weren’t there.  Result.  An hour later I got my blood taken.  Then I had to go back downstairs; I have to wait around again before I see the doctor.  Basically what should have been a quick in out visit lasted 4 hours (including travel).  My internal eyes have cried themselves dry.

What then, possibly could be a silver lining?  Is it possible?  Why yes.  I started a new book last night and all these things conspiring against me meant I had lots of reading time today.  I’m now half way through the novel.  And loving it.  It’s Meg Gardiner’s The Dirty Secrets Club.  It’s a proper ‘can’t put down’/’page turner’.  I cannot wait to finish work so I can read it on the tube home.  I’m willing time to go faster!

I think that’s really all I have to say today.  Other than my plans for the weekend.  I’m not actually going to make firm plans.  I just want to read lots, do at least one blog and some kind of writing.  Maybe something towards my assignment too.