Archive | September 26, 2009

Remember when you’re on the tube girl

So there I am, on my way home on the tube from my second job today.  I’m reading The Dirty Secrets Club, totally enthralled with it, and start crying (very emotional part).  Well, nearly.  I caught myself just before the tears flowed over.  I hate it when I’m in public when I’m reading a book that  has an effect.  I’m complaining, but that’s what I love about reading.  When you get so into a book the where, when, who you are, are irrelevant.  This is why I want to write.  This is the effect I want people to feel when the read my writing.

I’m really glad I’m reading this.  The last few books I’ve started having drawn me in all that much.  The last I only got through my sheer determination.  It does help that I’ve lots of free time.

I’m home alone tonight.  I’m thinking about chilling in a bath and reading my book.  If I can drag myself away from NCIS.  Ooh, I might do a face mask – proper girly night in.  I’m not going to do any writing tonight – but gonna have a reasonably early night then get up in the morning and do some then.  I’ll probably work on the writing course a little more; I did quite a bit yesterday too.  At some point I need to back up everything on my laptop, you know, just in case it decides to die one day soon *sigh*.