Do I have to write today?

I really feel like I can’t be bothered to write a post today, due to the accidental hangover I’ve got today.  But I’m pushing myself through and making myself do one.  Amazingly I’ve got something to talk about too (can you say it’s talking). 

One of the people’s blogs that I regularly read (Kait Nolan) is ‘hosting’ a ‘Novel Push Initiative’ on her blog here.  The idea is to have a month where you write every day – 250 words at least – on your current project.  I’m tempted to sign up.  I’m terrified of the idea of signing up to it, but sorely tempted. 

The problem I’ll use as an excuse not to dot it if I decide against it is that I don’t think my novel is planned enough to be able to write 250+ words a day on it.  I guess planning is words so that’s not a valid excuse.  I’m terrified of the idea of having to write daily.  I have so many excuses lined out already to get me out of it, but I think it would be really good for me.  Other than my blog, I’m probably writing about two or three days a week, and usually not on ‘holiday’.  I did however write about 500 words on it yesterday.  And that was pretty easy.  I’d like to write daily – but it’s finding the time daily.  Deep down I know that’s just an excuse. 

The other problem with this is that I’m having an operation on 30th.  That’s going to be one day where I definitely won’t be able to write.  I figure I can just write double the day before.  250?  I can do that.  It’s just making myself write at weekends and when I’m hungover that will be the problem.  Hmm.  I’ve got a night to think about it.  My horrible boyfriend will read this and push me into doing it.  Hate him (obviously not really – I love that he’s so supportive). 🙂

One thought on “Do I have to write today?

  1. You should totally sign up. 250 words is absolutely doable, hangover or not. There’s no rule that they have to be stellar words or words that stay in your final draft. The point is to keep moving forward in small steps and establish good habits. C’mon…. It’ll be fun!

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