Archive | October 1, 2009

September’s results

Here we go with how well I did achieving my goals for September:

  • Write 6,000 words.  As per normal in any form: stories, scenes, blogs, comments etc etc. I wrote a total of 13,390.  And remember I was on holiday for 9 days of that.  I was on fire.
  • 14 blogs right here on WordPress I did 18.
  • 2 weekend blog posts Yes, 2 weekend posts
  • Read 2 novels.  I’ve started three, so if I can finish 2 of them that would be good. I did read 2 novels – Meg Gardiner’s The Dirty Secrets Club and Mr Toppitt by Charles Elton
  • Work on my writing course.  Like last month I’m not going to add a specific goal.  I’d like to reread the last module booklet and continue with the next assignment.  Basically if I can do SOMETHING I’ll be happy. Finishing the assignment would be amazing, but lets not hope for too much.  I did lots of research for it, have pretty much written the questionnaire and decided how I’m going to get the interviewees.
  • Continue with the Storyboard for ‘Holiday’.  I didn’t get any further with this. 
  • All in all, that’s a pretty good months work I think.  Considering I was on holiday and did NOTHING while I was away, I’m really happy with this.  I’ve done so much random little bits of writing, which really got my count up.  I also did more writing for ‘holiday’.  Yes, September was a good month.  I want all months to be like September.

    I’m pretty hopeful October will be like it.  I’ve signed up to do a Novel Push Initiative.  You have to say that you are going to write 250 words at least a day on your novel.  (For more experienced people who have done this before, it’s 350 words).  So, I’ve signed up to write at least 7,750 words on ‘Holiday’ in the next month.  No excuses.  No duck outs.  This is serious writing time.  I’m really proud of myself for signing up for this, it’s going to be hard motivating myself to write at weekends, and on ‘holiday’ every day, but I think I’m up for the challenge.  Yay.

    In other news, I’ve started a twitter account for my writing.  It’s called new2writinggirl (original huh!).  I do have a personal account on there too, but hardly use it, so I’m not really sure what I’m doing on there.  I guess now’s the time to find out 🙂

    I think I’ll do October’s goals as a separate post – I find it easier to refer back to it that way.  I’ll even try to get it out today.  No promises though, I do have 250 words to do on ‘Holiday’ too.