Archive | October 5, 2009

Monday Monday

It’s Monday.  Another five days until the weekend (four actually as I’ve got Friday off – yay!).  How horrible.  I’m trying to think positively though, that’s four days of quite a bit of writing.  I hate my job, but how can I really when it gives me the opportunity to write and do writing related things for at least a couple of hours a day.  Today I’ve written 400+ words on ‘Holiday’, written the daily one minute on, read lots of writing related blogs and am now doing a blog.  I shouldn’t complain. 

I’ve been doing well with NovelPI.  We’re now on day 5 and I’ve written every one of them.  Most of the days I’ve gone pretty far over my set word count (250 words).  I should do a count up of how many I’ve done total – that would be good.  I went away this weekend so thought writing would be hard.  But, we went by train and I managed to do my writing on the train.  250 words really doesn’t take that long, so it’s not that hard to do.  Much easier than I thought anyway.  I’m really impressed with myself for getting on with it.

I did a little reading this weekend.  Not much, but every little helps.

I went shopping with my boyfriend on Saturday.  When we walked past a charity shop, he suggested going in to look at books for me.  I decided that as I’ve got about 3 million books (I may exaggerate – but only slightly) on my To Read pile that I really shouldn’t.  I then had a ten minute rant about how there’s not enough hours in the day for me to do as much writing and reading as I’d like to do. 10 minutes later we walk past one of those cheap book shops and without saying a word he walks in.  15 minutes later I walk out with three books. That’s three more to add to my To Read list.  Sigh.  That’s pretty good though, I wanted five!  They’re all chick lit, so I figure it’s research for the book.  He he.