Archive | October 7, 2009

Post 618 (cause I can’t think of a better title)

I’ve planned a blog.  How very rarely that happens.  It’s usually what comes into my head when I type.  I’m sure I’ll deviate a little as we go along.

Lets start with how much writing I’ve fitted in during the last two days.  I’ve done nearly 3k – and hope to get to the 3k mark tonight.  Hope to do the same tomorrow – how good would that be.  Kaitnolanwho’s organising the NovelPI is doing a count up tomorrow of how everyone’s getting on – mine’s going to be pretty good.  I’m really looking forward to it.  I know I can count myself, but there’s something kind of exciting about someone else revealing your results.

I am having a few worries about my novel ‘Holiday’.  I know it’s the first draft so I shouldn’t worry too much now, I should just get the words out, but I can’t help it.  Firstly I’m worried about the amount of dialogue.  There’s loads.  Absolutely loads.  I know dialogue’s supposed to be really good, but I’m not too sure.  As it’s 1st person POV I guess it’s ok as that’s the only getting into other people’s head that’s going to happen.

My other worry is that I’ve not got many descriptions in there.  I think that’s just down to the scenes I’m writing not needing that much, but it does worry me.  I’m writing the scenes out of sequence so when I get it all down and together hopefully I’ll see what’s needed where.  For instance I’ve just written a scene with the hero and heroine are driving to go shopping (shopping – how cliché chick lit can you get).  There’s a section in it that would be a perfect time for a description of what he looks like, but I think it’s going to end up pretty far into the novel, so I should have had a description before.  In fact I think writing this I’ve worked out where it will go.  Wow.  I think that just proves I need to get the words down then worry about it later.

I’m really enjoying being part of the Twitter community (follow me on new2writinggirl).  I’m getting so much help and encouragement from other people – I wish I’d started it months ago 🙂