Getting on with it

That’s what this week seems to be filled with.  Unfortunately it’s not the writing course, but it’s the novel so am very happy with that.  I will have to have a count up sometime of how many words I’m up to.  This morning I’ve been working on a scene I was also working on yesterday – but I’d got as far as I had planned.  I did some more planning yesterday and then I’ve been writing it today.  I also added a little bit extra to it which I’m pretty impressed with (the idea of it, I don’t think the ways it’s written is all that good – but that’s fine as it’s only the 1st draft).

I’m halfway through a nugget in the scene describing how the heroine’s grandparents met.  I need to do a lot of research for it (clothes that would’ve been fashionable, where people would’ve been based in the army etc), but the basics of it I really like.  I’ve actually realised how much research I need to do for this novel.  The pages are dotted with red highlighting showing what I need to add to or research. 

Some of the research I need to do is about Westfield shopping centre.  He he.  How cool is that, for the sake of my book I need to go shopping.  Maybe I can combine it with the shopping spree I’ll be having courtesy of my boyfriend at the beginning of December.  To inspire me to lose the stone I’m desperate to lose, he’s said he’ll take me on a £200 shopping spree if I do it by his birthday (7 1/2 weeks away).  How awesome is my boyfriend! 

Names are a big thing I need to add to the story.  I did a family tree kind of thing a while ago (like months ago) with names and all the people in the story.  I may have temporarily misplaced it. A few weeks ago.  I know the main names, but I had a list of potential other names.  Step Dad’s name has gone.  He’s known throughout as Sdad.  However did I think of that? I feel like when I find the right name it will feel right for that character and I can’t settle on one until it feels right. 

I’m going away this weekend (Yes Friday off work – woo hoo!).  We’re going to the Grand Designs show at the NEC tomorrow then visiting my and my man’s family the rest of the weekend.  I am a little worried about when I’ll fit in my words for NovelPI.  I only need to do 250 a day so it’s not a big window I need to find, however I’ve been shooting over 1k a day this week, and I’d really like to stick with that.  Mmmm.

Today I noticed on someone’s blog that they were a participant of NaNoWriMo (Nation Novel Writing Month for those not in the know).  A regular reader of my blog (McPete) mentioned in a comment a couple of days ago that I should have a go at this, so I thought I’d have a little look on the website.  There is a spark of interest in me.  I think it’s only a spark though.  It’s something like 1666 words a day.  That’s a lot.  Every day.  BUT I do have the advantage of having a week off work for my operation.  However, I might actually be ill for some of that – I guess they don’t recommend 7 to 10 days off work for no reason.  It’s an idea anyway.  I need to think it through more.  I guess see how I get on during this weekend and the next couple of weeks for NovelPI. 

Right, I’ll go back to the novel now.  This is one thing I’ve noticed, I’m really productive on it before lunch.  Then after lunch I seem to lose a little steam and find it hard to get back into.  It might be due to this afternoon lull I get – I’ve been feeling really tired around 3pm this week (*looks at the clock – sees it’s 14.30 – eek*).  But then I’ve not been sleeping too much and had to have a couple of crazily early mornings.  I’ve just started going to the gym again (I know, I’m on fire with positivity this week) so that should help give me more energy.  If I can keep it up.  Which I will. I hope.

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