Archive | October 9, 2009

Not too tired to blog

I feel like I am too tired to blog, but want to hit my goal of however many blogs this month so pushing myself to do this.  I’m quite glad I’m doing NovelPI because without it I would have just headed upstairs fro a nap when I got in from the day and not made myself do anything.  I managed 723 words too, not too bad at all.  I got to 200 and felt that was probably enough, but once pushed myself through that barrier started flying. 

I’ve now completed the scene that I only planned fully a couple of days ago.  Half of it really sucks cause I wasn’t that motivated that day, but I hope the rest is ok.  I read a lot of blogs where people say they find it hard to just write and not edit as they go along, but I seem to find it pretty easy.  I guess because I only started writing seriously (yes, I’m now saying that I am) having read these blogs and many many blogs suggesting that is the way to write, that I started doing it that way and have never known any different.  Thanks to every who’s written that and helped me.

I’m seriously considering signing up for NaNoWriMo.  There are loads of thoughts, both for and against, going through my head about it.  Here’s a snap shot of them

  • Only in the last week have I started writing regularly and I’ve only gone over a thousand words three times.  How the hell would I expect to hit over 1600 a day – FOR A MONTH?
  • I’m just getting stuck into ‘Holiday’.  That will be nowhere near finished in 22 days, will I really want to leave it and start on another project for a month?
  • If I did do it, which idea would I use?  The Mills and Boon story idea or the black comedy one?  Neither are very well planned out, do I have the time to plan one while also doing NovelPI this month?
  • I’ve always wanted to write a novel – this is a really big push to do it in one month.
  • If I signed up, this would be my first (trying to be full) novel, am I stupid enough to think I can write my first ever full novel in a month?  That’s 30 days.
  • I don’t like thinking about this one too much, but, last year 100,000 people signed up for it.  Only 15,000 actually hit 50,000 words.  If I failed I wouldn’t be alone.
  • I’ve got an incentive to write this month.  I’d have one to write next month.  What would happen to me in December when I had no incentive to write?
  • I’m going to have a week off work because of my operation.  There’s a possibility I won’t be up to writing during this.  On the other side, there’s a possibility I really will so would be able to write all day every day if I wanted to, thousands of words a day.

As you can see, there’s a lot of internal conflict going on there.  If only I was a character in a novel!  We’ll see.  Both my mum and my boyfriend think I should go for it.  I don’t know. 

Anyway.  I think I will have that little kip now.  Have a good weekend everyone 🙂