Archive | October 13, 2009

Tuesday’s writing

I feel like the words aren’t coming easily today.  However I feel like this having already written nearly 300 words – much more than my goal of 250 per day.  I feel like because I’ve been regularly writing over one thousand words, if I don’t get near that I’m letting myself down.  I wonder if I should be congratulating myself on doing any, or berating myself for not getting up to as many as I know I can do.  I don’t know.

I’ve just had to do some really interesting research for ‘Holiday’.  Research on the brand new BMW Z4 sDrive 35i.  That’s some research I could do any day of the week.  It’s beautiful.  I want one.  I think I’m aspiring to get one.  I also need to do some research on penthouse apartments overlooking the Thames here in London.  I think I might want one of them when I’m finished.  This book will throw up some more interesting research – to be authentic and accurate I need a trip to Majorca.  Damn, what a shame.  Maybe I’ll set my next one in Hawaii or the Bahamas.  He he.

I went to the library during my lunch break to take a book back.  The whole way there I was telling myself that I wasn’t allowed to go and look on the shelves at books; I’ve got more than enough ‘to read’ books at the moment (having bought 3 more last weekend).  I didn’t.  However, on the return’s counter there is a ‘recommended books’ stand and I made the mistake of picking up the recommended book.  And it looked good.  Good enough that I walked round the other side and took it out.  Damn.  Oh well, I’ve got my operation in a couple of weeks, if I’ve not read it by then I’m sure I’ll be able to in that week.

It’s actually a really good way of finding new authors.  I’d never heard of Julia Quinn (the author of the book I picked up) and I imagine looking through the shelves I wouldn’t have picked up this book.  I am quite a loyal reader, if I read your book and I like it I will look out for your other books to read.  I’m also mainly attracted to books by the cover.  If I don’t immediately like the cover, the chances are I won’t pick your book up – let alone read it.  The exception to this is if I’ve been told it’s good – word of mouth is so important. 

I think that’s as much as I can say at the moment.  Back to the novel.