Archive | October 14, 2009

1,000 views – my first milestone

I was looking at my blog stats the other day and noticed I was only a few views away from 1,000 people visiting my blog.  Today I’ve hit it.  Wow.  Even if I take away my boyfriend and Mum’s visits, that’s still loads. 

When I started this blog about eight months ago I had no idea what I was doing and not much more of an idea why.  My other half suggested it to go along side my writing course as a kind of on-line diary of how I’m getting on.  I can’t belive I’ve actually started to enjoy it, to look forward to writing (nearly) daily.  I guess this is just like writing diaries – I did that constantly when I was younger.  Except this is in the public eye, which is kind of scary when I think about it.  But fun.  It gives me a buzz when I see people have visited my blog.  So, to all of you that have visited, and visit regularly, THANK YOU.  You guys make my day 🙂  Also those guys that make comments, THANK YOU, it means so much that you take the time not just to read, but to comment too.

Moving on.

When I stop and think how well I’m getting on with my novel ‘Holiday’, I’m really pleased with myself.  I’ve not done a word count recently, but am hitting over 500 words most days.  Today I was aiming for 1,000 and hit it without realising.  I’m going to try to finish the scene now instead, should be 1,300 ish.

However, when I look back at it and see how much red there is, it depresses me slightly.  Red means something I need to go back and add in later.  Either a time frame, a name, a little background to the story, or some extra boomf.  But, I’m getting the words, that’s the main thing.

I’m still thinking about NaNoWriMo.  I really want the challenge to keep me motivated.  But think it’s unlikely I’d hit 50,000 words.  Not when I’ve been hitting around 15k a month.  Also, I’m really getting into ‘Holiday’ so don’t know if I’ll want to put it down and work on something new.  Something new that incidentally I only have a very, very rough draft for. I think I may set myself a challenge:  Write the next 50,000 words of my novel in November.  I could call it NoNaNoWriMo (NOT National Novel Writing Month).  Ha ha.

Reason for loving Twitter number one:  You discover fun things to do to stop you concentrating on work, or writing novels etc.  I found a writing game here at Merilee Faber’s blog where you have to create a story 26 sentences long, each one starting with ascending letters of the alphabet.  I have to give this a try. 

You never know, one day I might post something I’ve written on here.  Show you guys I’m not all talk.  Scary thought.