1,000 views – my first milestone

I was looking at my blog stats the other day and noticed I was only a few views away from 1,000 people visiting my blog.  Today I’ve hit it.  Wow.  Even if I take away my boyfriend and Mum’s visits, that’s still loads. 

When I started this blog about eight months ago I had no idea what I was doing and not much more of an idea why.  My other half suggested it to go along side my writing course as a kind of on-line diary of how I’m getting on.  I can’t belive I’ve actually started to enjoy it, to look forward to writing (nearly) daily.  I guess this is just like writing diaries – I did that constantly when I was younger.  Except this is in the public eye, which is kind of scary when I think about it.  But fun.  It gives me a buzz when I see people have visited my blog.  So, to all of you that have visited, and visit regularly, THANK YOU.  You guys make my day 🙂  Also those guys that make comments, THANK YOU, it means so much that you take the time not just to read, but to comment too.

Moving on.

When I stop and think how well I’m getting on with my novel ‘Holiday’, I’m really pleased with myself.  I’ve not done a word count recently, but am hitting over 500 words most days.  Today I was aiming for 1,000 and hit it without realising.  I’m going to try to finish the scene now instead, should be 1,300 ish.

However, when I look back at it and see how much red there is, it depresses me slightly.  Red means something I need to go back and add in later.  Either a time frame, a name, a little background to the story, or some extra boomf.  But, I’m getting the words, that’s the main thing.

I’m still thinking about NaNoWriMo.  I really want the challenge to keep me motivated.  But think it’s unlikely I’d hit 50,000 words.  Not when I’ve been hitting around 15k a month.  Also, I’m really getting into ‘Holiday’ so don’t know if I’ll want to put it down and work on something new.  Something new that incidentally I only have a very, very rough draft for. I think I may set myself a challenge:  Write the next 50,000 words of my novel in November.  I could call it NoNaNoWriMo (NOT National Novel Writing Month).  Ha ha.

Reason for loving Twitter number one:  You discover fun things to do to stop you concentrating on work, or writing novels etc.  I found a writing game here at Merilee Faber’s blog where you have to create a story 26 sentences long, each one starting with ascending letters of the alphabet.  I have to give this a try. 

You never know, one day I might post something I’ve written on here.  Show you guys I’m not all talk.  Scary thought.


4 thoughts on “1,000 views – my first milestone

  1. Stop thinking about NaNo and hit up the forum for some inspiration. I keep plugging it to people, and I’m not gonna stop until everyone is sick of hearing about how good it will be for their confidence. I’ll bet you could hit 50k within the month, even if you think you couldn’t…

    I’ve never used red (or blue, or green) text to add in material later. Normally I’ll just put [insert witty banter] or [fight scene – better make it cool] when I don’t know how to tie the parts together. It’s a hold-over from when punched out a short game in a couple of hours.

    The really interesting thing about those bits of unfinished business are the people who use tricks like that to keep their story fresh in their mind. Lots of authors I look up to do exactly the same thing, so the precedent is there to use the same idea without feeling bad.

  2. Ok, I’ll definitely post the A-Z story when I’ve touched it up a little. I didn’t find it as hard as I though it would be; Coming back and editing out the rubbish is going to be much harder.

    Bigwords88 – I can’t decide what to do. I’m thinking about it I promise! That’s really good to hear that actual authors use this trick too. Makes me feel a lot better about my blanks 🙂

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