Archive | October 16, 2009

Back to normal today

After yesterday’s blog on Climate Change for Blog Action Day yesterday, I’m back to writing about writing today.  Sod’s law though, yesterday I had loads of writing things I wanted to write about, today I can’t think of any – yet!

I’ve done the number of words I need to do for NovelPI today, which I’m happy with, but want to do more.  I’m working from another office today, so not had the chance to do as much as I would like; I’m going home tonight, but don’t have my laptop (or boyfriend’s laptop) to do more.  Everything I’ve done today is written by hand, so I could carry on with that, but it’s so much slower than typing and I know that at some point it will have to be typed up, I feel like it’s a waste of time. 

I might do some more planning on one of the other novels I’m thinking about doing.  The Mills & Boon style  book I’m doing has three alternative ideas, I can’t decide which I like the most.  I think I know which will work better for the market, but it’s not as well planned as another idea.  I don’t know.

I was chatting about writing today to someone I know who’s just done a journalism course.  I feel really comfortable talking to people who do or want to do anything related to writing about writing, but not my non writing friends.  It’s weird.  Other than my boyfriend and two of my closest friends, no one knows I’m doing my course.  That might be because I got a negative reaction about it from one of my friends, and I don’t want that again, I need positive people surrounding me for this, not negative ones.  Only my boyfriend, and now this guy I was chatting to today, know I’m writing a novel.  And yet I don’t have a problem telling anyone that wants to see on WordPress, or indeed over on Twitter.  I guess that’s just a confidence thing – I’m not confident about my writing yet, so on here I can hide behind the anonymity of Newtowritinggirl. 

Which brings me on to my writing.  I will post this A-Z game I did the other day, I was going to today, but I don’t have access to it over here.  Damn.  I’ll post it over the weekend, or early next week.  I need to get over this fear of showing off my work – and the sooner the better if I want to get my work published at some point.  

I realised yesterday, I’ve been so caught up this month on NovelPI, forcing myself to write at least 250 words a day on ‘Holiday’ that I’ve forgotten about my writing course.  Not even putting it to the back of my mind, but genuinely forgetting about it.  Oh dear.  I may try and work on it this weekend.  Or I may try to focus my energy on writing a more detailed plan for the next novel.  Especially if I want to do NaNoWriMo.  I’m working a whole 8 hours at the second job tomorrow which I don’t want to do, but I really need the money.  Because I’m always exhausted after it writing tomorrow will be really hard.  I’ve not failed a day yet in October and am not planning on starting now!!!