The A – Z game

It’s been really hard getting myself motivated to do some writing today.  First I was reading, then going for a run, then shopping, then cooking.  Now I find myself very slightly tipsy after dinner with 250 words to write.  Damn.  Maybe there will be a rewrite tomorrow.

For today’s blog, I thought I’d post my shot at the A-Z game posted by Merrilee Faber over at Not Enough Words.

The rules are this: write a story that is 26 sentences long. The first sentence must start with the letter ‘A’, and every following sentence begins with the subsequent letter of the alphabet, ending with ‘Z’.

It’s not my best work, so I’m not sure why I’m posting this as a first piece by me, but it’s the game I guess.  I’d love constructive criticism….

All around her were strange noises;

Birds squawked and squabbled among themselves, small animals moved quickly between the trees, ignoring her. 

Cally wondered what she was doing here, would he turn up, would he actually like her once they got together?

Does she know him well enough to be traipsing about here alone?

Enough to trust he’ll look after her once she finds him, look after her for life hopefully. 

‘Fairies may exist’, she thought, ‘they’ll look after me’. 

 ‘Guide me to him’.

 Hoping this was true she carried on;

 Ignoring the strange noises. 

Jumping suddenly, she heard a bang behind her.

Kneeling down she hid from the threatened danger.

Looking through the long grass she saw nothing.

Maybe he’s changed his mind, she thought.


Over on her bottom she turned to get herself back on her feet. 

Panic came over her as she got closer to the clearing and heard music, could she finally be at the end of her quest?

Queen’s music was playing from an old gramophone so close to her.

‘Racing heart slow down’ she told herself.

Staring through the trees she saw him, leaning away from her over a set dinner table.

Trembling all over she edged closer to him.

Unbeknown to her, he had heard her coming and turned to kiss her.

Vainglory – she’d been through so much, but she’d got her man eventually.

Winking he sat her on the chair next to him.

X-rays couldn’t help her see deeper into his heart right now, she knew it was love.  

Yawn, she was so tired, it had been such a long journey to get to him.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz: She fell asleep in his arms

5 thoughts on “The A – Z game

  1. Ha!! I love the surprise ending – it’s very sweet that she feels safe enough to fall asleep. I wonder how he felt about it though, LOL! 😉

    In honour of your request for constructive criticism, I would suggest – if you plan to do anything further with this story – you may want to watch out for repetition in the structure of your sentences. For example, your J, K and L sentences are all constructed the same way (try reading them aloud and you’ll see what I mean). You can keep the same first word but change the structure (eg ‘Kneeling down hid her from danger, but it hurt her knees’).

    I’m curious to know if you found the restrictions of the exercise oddly liberating, as I did?

  2. Thanks both.

    Janette, now you’ve said that, I see what you mean – I’ll definitely watch out for that in the future, and change it in my copy of this. I don’t think I’ll do anything with this, but who knows.

    I quite liked the challenge of being so restricted, so much so, I think I’m going to give it another try at some point. 🙂

  3. It’s a fun exercise, isn’t it? Great for limbering up the writing muscles ;).

    My constructive criticism; it reads very disjointed, mainly due to the way the sentences have been built. If you give it another try, definitely think more about sentence structure and flow. The trick is to make it look natural 🙂

    Glad you joined in!

  4. Thanks, I hadn’t noticed until you said that. I’m really tempted to give it another go so will work hard on that. Maybe in December when NaNo’s out the way!

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