I’m working an early shift today; somehow I always seem to get more writing and writing work done during these shifts.  By 9am I’d already written my 250+ quota of writing ‘holiday’ for NovelPI today.  9am!  I’ve done loads of surfing: twitter, WordPress and the NaNo website.  And, I’ve now worked on the plan for my novel and done some research for it.  It’s a very quiet day at work!

The research has been good fun – looking at how to get married in Italy (always good to throw a little wedding stuff into the day – scare the boyfriend a little, he he) as well as holidays, villas, flights etc to Italy.  I wish I could go there for some real research.

I came up with a working title for my NaNo novel – ‘Italian Infatuation’.  I’m a bit happier with that than the working title for ‘Holiday’ – I hate that. I have a small issue with this new one, I once started a short story I called ‘Citrus Affection’ and in my mind they are very similar.  It’s only a working title so I’m not going to worry about it.

What I have just realised I might need to worry about is the fact that the novel I am currently writing and the one I’m planning both feature a wedding as a major part of them.  I’m wondering if they’re too similar.  They’re not at all, but they could be seen to be.  I’ve always said that if I wrote any Mills & Boon books I’d use a psudo name, and kind of think I will use one for my other writing.  So probably nothing to worry about.  I will for a day or so anyway though. I always do.  Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Research

  1. Good job that you’ve already gotten a lot done today! I love writing early in the morning, it seems to be my most productive time. Plus, I love the feeling that I’ve accomplished something, and the freedom that comes with the rest of the day – I could write more, or I could do something else. Love it! I think I’m going to do NaNo, too. It will be my first attempt at that…

  2. It is such a good feeling when you realise it’s early and you’ve done so much isn’t it. I just wish I could do it every day.

    It’s my first attempt at NaNo – what are we getting ourselves into

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