Character Names

I’ve just decided that I need to get all the character names in ‘Holiday’ sorted.  I know I’ve said this before, but it’s really annoying me now having (FRIEND) (STEPDAD) etc all over my writing.  I also need to have written down who all the secondary characters are – something I’ve not done until now.  I’m having problems with the names.  I know some people have names already, and I thought I knew them, but now I’ve come to write them down, I’ve forgotten who’s who.  I want to be at home right now to go through my 20 or so pages of notes to find out.  Presuming I’ve written them down.  I hope so.

I had a little count up of how many words I’ve written for ‘Holiday’ today.  With what I’ve written today (so far) I’ve done just over 19,000 words.  WOW! I hope to get to 20k today.  On the last attempt of writing a novel I got as far as 6k and kind of gave up.  I’m really happy I’ve done so many.  I guess I’m aiming for 80 – 100k when it’s finished, so I’m about 1/5 – 1/4 done already.  Go me.  The majority of these have been done in the last four weeks.  That’s pretty good.  About 4 or 5k need to be completely re written as they’re written 3rd person and it’s now going to be 1st, but that’s not something I’m worried about.  I may have to rewrite it all when I’m done so really it’s not something I’m worrying, or even thinking, about now!

I read through the Mills & Boon website the other day for info on their different series’.  That coupled with me going to the library and actually looking at some, and reading one presently, I think I know which one I’m going to aim my NaNo novel at.  The ‘Romance’ series is right up my street.  The more I read them, and read the synopsis’ of them the more I think it.  That’s a big weight off my shoulders, I was worried about that.  No need!

My boyfriend is sorting my broken laptop problem.  He got a new one himself a couple of months ago, so is going to let me have his old one (which in turn was given to him by a friend who got a new one). YES!!!  I was getting a bit worried about how I was going to write my novel for NaNo when my laptop’s not in a very useable state.  Such a relief.


One thought on “Character Names

  1. With NaNo beginning soon I’ve been thinking of names to use for my novel, but until I actually begin writing (just over a week to go now) I won’t know who my characters are. Without knowing the personalities of the people who will be running around doing… stuff… I won’t be able to give them names. There’s an entire swathe of views on naming, and most people fall between the pre- and post-writing naming options.

    Pre-writing names generally tend to hint at the characters who will solidify with the actual undertaking of the writing. Post-writing names should (but won’t necessarilly) be the names which define them. If you can find an easier way of naming characters rather than hunting through baby name books, or going through websites, then every writer will thank you endlessly. It’s never easy, and a lot of people change the names of their characters a few times before settling on ones which can’t be changed.

    You’ll know the right names when you use them.

    Oh, while I’m here… I’ve heard lots of good things about Mills & Boon from people who have been published by them. Not all women, mind you, though there are a lot of women writing for them. They seem to understand both their audience and the writers who submit to them. You’ll be in good company.

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