Last NovelPI days

Sadly it’s coming up to the end of the NovelPI October challenge (to write 250 words a day – every day).  I can’t believe this time last month I was only thinking about it, and that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it everyday – and yet now I’ve signed up for NaNo.  What?  Crazy.  There have been a few days where it’s been a really challenge to write, but generally it’s been ok.  I’ve even managed to write with a hangover a couple of times! 

It’s been a really good thing for me to do.  I never would have believed I could write so much in such a short length of time – I don’t know my word count for it, but it mus be pushing 20,000 – well over the 7,500 goal.  I didn’t even think that I’d have the motivation to write EVERYDAY, but happily I’ve proved myself wrong.  There are times I’m happy I’m wrong!  Thanks Kait for organising this – it’s been so beneficial to me!

I’m going into hospital on Friday so have no idea if I’ll be able to write then or on Saturday – I’ll give it a go, but can’t promise.  I also don’t know how long I’ll be in there, so don’t know if I’ll even be able to start NaNo on Sunday.  I really hope I’m out by then – not just for the sake of my writing, also because I don’t want to be there – I think I’ll get better much better at home!

I’ve finished reading the first of my collection of Mills & Boon books.  I  know they suggest that you read a selection of the different series’ to know which one you’d rather write for, but I know ‘Romance’ is the one for me, without a question.  I actually knew when I was in the library looking at them, but after reading this one I know for sure.  And my idea for ‘Italian Infatuation’ fits in with it perfectly.  I’ve worked out the hero’s internal conflict – I wasn’t sure about it before, but I know it and it’s going to work so well.  I’m really excited about starting it now. 

My boyfriend said this morning he’s going to start throwing my books away – one per week.  It sounds really mean, but I know it’s his way of saying ‘get on and read through that massive stack of books you have’.  I can kind of see his point my book shelf is now full and has a growing second layer of books.  Oops.  Hopefully next week I’ll get loads of reading done.   Hopefully he won’t keep to his threat!

I’ve just checked the TV guide for next week.  I’ve been hoping that Diagnosis Murder is on (it sometimes is sometimes isn’t).  I wasn’t too worried though, cause when it’s not on, Murder She Wrote is.  They’re both on!  Woo hoo!  That’s a couple of hours of trashy TV I’ll be watching a day next week.  I’m never going to want to come back to work (I think I know that already!).  How sad am I.  Happily sad though!!


3 thoughts on “Last NovelPI days

  1. Diagnosis: Murder. Uh… The early episodes with the kid from Happy Days or the later episodes when they got rid of the management guy? Oh, who they brought back in one episode as a completely different character and not a single person noticed. Gah… That show makes my brain hurt.

    Not that Columbo, or Kojak, or even Starky & Hutch are any better… I haven’t seen all of the Murder, She Wrote episodes yet, but the producers view of realism seemed to be even less solid than Jessica Fletcher’s ability to have friends and distant relatives who wouldn’t die in every… single… episode…

    The only show I would catch regardless of whatever else is on is Petrocelli.

    Now I’m just showing my age…

    • I always used to prefer the ones with Chachi, but over the years I’ve got used to his replacement. I don’t think I’ve seen any once the management guy went – what am I missing? I cannot wait for next week – it’s my guilty pleasure – and something nice to look forward to when ill.

      You really wouldn’t want to be related to Jessica Fletcher would you? Does it ever surprise you how many people she knows and is related to? It’s crazy. Similarly, why does anyone live in Midsomer? Surely everyone there’s died by now? If not, they’re going to kick it – or murder someone soon!

      I’ve never heard of Petrocelli; am I showing my age – or is it just that we’re in different countries?

  2. Diagnosis: Murder was never the most believable of shows, but once they introduced an older female doctor to the show and got rid of the management guy it went downhill fast. If I remember correctly there was even an episode with a vampire… Not that they could come up with anything more ludicrous than Dr. Sloane being the doppelgangerof a well-known mafioso. Better to remember the early (good) episodes than have the memory of the show tarnished.

    Did you see all of the cameo appearances from old television detectives? From memory, there was Quincy, Maddox, the Mission: Impossible team, Lou Grant… I think they even had a crossover with one of the shows running at the same time.

    Petrocelli was a classic of the crime series format from the mid-seventies, with Barry Newman in the role of his career. The show was repeated in the UK on the BBC back in the mid nineties and I have been a fan ever since. Actually, I had seen Vanishing Point a few years earlier, but the connection didn’t click. Petrocelli is cooler than a lawyer has any right to be.

    The opening credits to Petrocelli. Lets see if I can get you addicted to the show as well. 🙂

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