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November so far…

Oh dear, blogging’s not going too well this month is it?  I had a busy weekend so no time to blog.  That also meant no time to Nano, so I’ve been trying to play catch up yesterday and today.  I’m getting there, slowly.  At least I’ve done more than I need to do the last two days – that’s good.  Just need to carry on this way. 

I’m now on another Mills & Boon book – I’ve really taken this ‘read as many as possible’ to heart.  I’ve now either read, or have in my possession to read, all the books my library has in the ‘Romace’ series.  I know this because when I took some books back today I thought I’d have a quick look at them.  I’d read all the ones they have except for one – so I had to pick that one up of course.  He he.  My operation’s now on Friday (fingers crossed) so will have lots and lots of reading time then.  I hope. 

Really want to crack on with Italian Infatuation while I have some available time, so going to finish this here.  To be on track, I need to be on 16,667 words by the end of today.  I’m on about 12,285.  Eek.  I’m not too worried about it though – I’m trying to add an extra 500 or 1k a day, I’ll make it up in no time.  She says.

Actually just one more thing I want to write about – no boast about would probably be more accurate.  My boyfriend’s just bought me a (second-hand) Wii.  How exciting is that.  He’s been uming and ahhing when to give it to me, and whether it should be a christmas present, or just a present.  This morning he made his decision.  If I complete NaNo, he’ll give it to me then.  If I fail it (which I won’t) he’ll give it to me as a Christmas present.  EXCELLENT 🙂

Friday moans and procrastinating

It’s FRIDAY.  Oh yea!  My favourite (working) day of the week!

Lets start with the moans.  I’m having problems reading, like actually reading.  When I try to read anything on the computer or even on bright white paper (usually when there’s a light above me) I find the words jump about and sometimes (quite often) disappear.  It’s kind of been going on for a while, but has been really bad this week.  I hope it’s something simple like I’ve got the wrong strength prescription for my lenses, or they need to add a tint to my glasses (not sure what they’d do with contacts), or something.  Got an appointment on Monday.  I don’t think the optician sounded too worried, so I’ll try not to be.  Try.  It also could be something to do with the migraines I’m getting.  Who knows.  I tried to google it, but couldn’t find much at all.  I’ll start worrying on Monday depending on what the optician says then.

It has made writing today pretty hard – to the point where I’ve not been doing anything on the computer that isn’t work related.  It means I’ve had to start some daily words for NaNo on paper – do do do.  I’ve managed about 700 or something.  I’ll have to take some time this evening before I go out to write some more.

I got Flash Forward in the post yesterday.  I wanted to start reading it as soon as I got it, but a) I’m in the middle of another (Mills & Boon) book and b) I’ve got this reading problem.  It’s so annoying.  It had better get sorted before I have my time off after my operation (next Friday).

I think that’s all the procrastinating I can do for now.  Have a lovely weekend people 🙂

Sickness and writing

I woke up this morning with a stomach bug.  Apparently it’s going round London.  I have felt so ill for most of the day (not as ill as my mum who came to visit and got it!) so have had to have the day off work.  It’s been horrible, but I’m feeling much better now.

I did think that there might be a silver lining in this (I’m always after the silver lining) – I thought that I’d be able to sit up all day and write loads on Italian Infatuation.  Wrong.  I spent most of the day snoozing, I didn’t even have the will to turn the TV on.  At one point I thought I’d try to write, but once the programme was open I realised it just wasn’t going to happen.  What a waste.

Or so I thought.  I started feeling better this evening so cracked out the laptop again, and have managed nearly 1000 words.  I actually want to write more, but think as I’ve been ill I should probably go to bed instead.  But I might carry on for a bit once I’ve done this.  Whether I do or not is irrelevant, I’ve done a big chunk of my daily words and I’m really happy with that.

I did manage to start another Mills and Boon book as I’d finished the last one last night.  I realised that while reading them I’m paying a lot more attention to the style, the dialogue, the way it’s written etc.  I think I can actually do this.  For a few days I’ve been worried that I’m not going to be up to writing one, but the more I read and the more I write, the more confident I get.  I’m not sure if this is fake confidence, afterall I’ve not actually read back anything I’ve written. 

Fingers crossed for feeling better tomorrow…

I’m Still waiting (in my head sung to Elton John’s I’m Still Standing)

Well, I’m still here, not operated on yet.  I had a nightmare which involved incompetent nurses, emergencies, stupid admin staff and inequiped theatres which led to Friday’s operation being canceled, rebooked for yesterday then canceled again.  Honestly I wouldn’t have believed it had I not experienced it. 

So, I’m back at work until I can have it on 13th November (before you say anything I know it’s FRIDAY 13th, I’m cool with that – at this rate I won’t even have it then anyway, so nothing to worry about, besides I don’t remember a single bad thing that’s happened to me on a Friday 13th!).  I don’t want to be here at all, I want to be snuggled up in bed at home.  I want to be writing and reading and watching TV.  But nevermind, only 7 working days until I have it; 7, that’s nothing!

I’m finding it really hard to write anything today.  I’ve done just over a thousand words, I need to do just under a thousand more to get up to date with NaNo.  I fell behind on the first day, but I’m fully expecting to get less words during the weekends and more during the week.  Just today’s hard.  I think it’s the whole not supposed to be at work thing getting me down.  I’ll plod on though.  When I’ve done this.  And maybe a bit more plotting.  Or research.  Or anything else I can find to do to put it off for a little longer.

I really annoyed myself yesterday, I wrote 800+ words then lost them.  I couldn’t believe it.  I think instead of copy and pasting the words into a word counter, I CUT and pasted.  Then saved before I exited.  How stupid.  At least it was only 800, not like 2k or something.  I won’t be making that mistake again!

Late last week I inherited a laptop.  My boyfriend bought a new one a couple of months ago, so has let me borrow (have?) his old one.  It’s not all that good (it’s quire slow and needs to be booted up twice before it works properly), but it does work  and I can write and surf the net on it.  It will be brilliant when Word has been loaded on it (little hint to the boyfriend there!), at the moment I’m writing my novel into Wordpad.  Not ideal!  It’s so nice to have a laptop again though, I feel like something that was missing has been replaced. 

My boyfriend’s found a challenge he thinks I should do in November, in addition to NaNo.  He’s somehow discovered NaBloPoMo (I can’t help thinking they got the idea of the title from NaNoWriMo – can’t imagine why): National Blog Posting Month.  The idea is you sign up, and post a blog every single day.  Including weekends.  I think this guy either wanted to see me crack under all the pressure I’m putting myself under (I’m still amazed I’ve signed up for NaNo) or alternatively doesn’t want to see me until December.  I don’t understand why, but I’m thinking about it. 

I hope when I get home Flash Forward (the book I bought on Thursday) will have been delivered.  With the postal strikes last week, I seriously doubt it, but I can but hope.  No Plot No Problem (the one I also bought) wasn’t in stock, so I have to wait for that.  😦

Right, how can I procrastinate now…?